EVONA receives World Geospatial Industry Council's Corporate Impact Award

for 2023 DEI Trailblazers

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We are delighted to announce that we have received the Corporate Impact Award for WGIC’s (World Geospatial Industry Council) prestigious DEI Trailblazer Award for 2023.

This remarkable recognition underscores our commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace and reaffirms our dedication to making the space industry more inclusive, equitable, and accessible for all. We firmly believe that a diverse workforce and an inclusive environment foster innovation, creativity, and a stronger sense of belonging. These principles enrich our organization and have a profound impact on the space industry as a whole.


Inclusivity Drives Diversity: The White House Edition

A significant highlight of our commitment includes the privilege of presenting Project IDD at the White House during the Space STEM Forum. This exceptional opportunity allowed us to share our vision of space sector equality with industry leaders, showcasing our pioneering work in the field of DEI.

EVONA’s Project Inclusivity Drives Diversity (IDD) is a ground-breaking series that tackles the most pressing diversity and inclusion challenges faced by the space sector. By addressing company culture, which is often the primary driver behind 62% of employees leaving their organizations, this initiative becomes an essential tool for space organizations striving to become more inclusive, diverse, and ultimately successful.

The trilogy comprising Project IDD delves into three key areas:

  • Gender Diversity
  • Visible Diversity
  • Invisible Diversity

By providing real-life case studies, expert insights, and personal experiences, EVONA equips organizations with the necessary guidance to foster a sense of belonging, boost employee retention, and promote job satisfaction.

Download the entire project for free, here.


Shaping a Brighter Future for STEM

Our dedication to DEI extends beyond the workplace and into the heart of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) community. At EVONA, we recognize that true progress in the space sector, and STEM fields in general, begins with fostering diversity and inclusion at the grassroots level.

Our commitment to DEI in STEM is a heartfelt belief that nurturing inclusivity at the grassroots level is essential for the future of the STEM industry as a whole. That’s why all EVONA employees are STEM ambassadors, inspiring the next generation at schools across the country, breaking down barriers and showcasing the boundless opportunities within the space industry and STEM fields. Furthermore, we proudly sponsor the Scholarship for Diversity in STEM, providing financial support to promising students facing economic challenges, ensuring that STEM education is accessible to all.

We firmly believe that fostering inclusivity today will shape a better future for the STEM industry as a whole.


Thank You to WGIC!

Thank you, WGIC, for this incredible honor, and thank you to our dedicated EVONA team, partners, and supporters.

We would also like to congratulate WGIC’s DEI Individual Champion, Olivia Powell.

As Co-founder and Ambassador of Women+ in Geospatial , Olivia’s relentless pursuit of driving diversity and inclusion has led her to forge strategic alliances with sister organizations such as GeoChicas and Women in Copernicus. Olivia has ushered in a new era of awareness, representation, and empowerment for women and other underrepresented genders in the geospatial sector. – WGIC.


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