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A talented space crew is your ticket to success, but finding the right people isn’t easy. At EVONA we alleviate the stress of recruiting and forge impactful relationships to fuel the sector’s growth. We take the time to dig deep into your company’s vision, ethos, and mission, enabling us to identify the people truly capable of acting on your future plans. When it’s time to grow, find your next innovators with us.

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  • They used a really impressive group of recruiters to fully canvas all of York’s hiring needs; demonstrated speed, efficiency, and quality — combined with impeccable organization skills.

    - York Space Systems
  • EVONA has a real knack for sourcing top talent for work in the space industry. Certainly, far more than most, they understand the companies and idiosyncrasies of the industry. That’s their niche.

    - COO Kythera Space Solutions
  • They have delivered top quality candidates to us and helped us fill many hard to fill speciality roles. They are very communicative and responsive as well.

    - Internal recruiter, Honeybee robotics
  • It was a pleasure to work with EVONA. What really impressed us is the quality of candidates, both in terms of technical prowess and cultural fit that were presented to us.

    - CEO, Mobius Labs
  • Among the agencies we’ve partnered with, EVONA has outperformed in several respects.

    - Head of Recruitment, Astrobotic
  • EVONA’s strength lies in identifying suitable candidates which match both the technical need but also the ethos of the company. This reduces the amount of interviews and leads to hires which directly feel comfortable within the team and working environment.

    - Lift Me off
  • EVONA quickly developed a deep understanding for the challenges of our business. We were amazed by their ability to convert that knowledge into a strong recruiting funnel that repeatably produces very high quality candidates.

    - Cofounder Bliq
  • Extremely good. Constant and clear communication as well as fast delivery of profiles and candidates.

    - Chief of Staff, Isar Aerospace
  • Very good. Excellent communication and updates. Good candidates!

    - Recruiter, Bradford Space
  • The EVONA team has been nothing short of amazing! Quality candidates that cannot be found anywhere else and a process that is timely, communicative, and efficient. We’ve recommended EVONA to all of our colleagues in the field!

    - CEO Albedo