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What is Downstream Space?

Downstream space is the segment of the sector that uses space-derived systems, data, and information for applications, products, and services on Earth. From navigation to Earth Observation to emissions monitoring and satellite communications, downstream space is behind many critical aspects of our daily lives. It is also considered the side of the space sector where the most rapid growth is coming from, meaning there are numerous opportunities out there for driven and inspired candidates.

What is a Downstream Space Company?

A downstream space company specialises in the application of the data and services derived from upstream space. And because the applications of space technology and research are highly varied, so too are the companies in this part of the sector. From military and national security to navigation, meteorology, and satellite communications, the operations of numerous organisations across the globe depend on downstream space. However, in order to translate the data from space into these real world applications, downstream space companies need top talent. If you think you have what it takes to turn space research into humanity’s next pioneering invention, we might have the role for you.

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What is the Difference Between Upstream and Downstream Space?

Upstream and downstream space are two sides of same sector, and both contribute to the other. Whilst upstream space concerns the development of space objects and their propulsion into space, downstream space focuses on turning the data and insights gained through this activity into on-Earth applications. Though both are equally important to the space ecosystem, downstream is the segment of the sector where the most significant growth is occurring, and the greatest number of opportunities lie.

The Importance of Downstream Space

Downstream space is seen by many as the fastest growing and most exciting segment of the space sector due to its real world application of space-derived insights. You have downstream space to thank for a whole host of products and services that are part of our daily lives. From CAT scanners to portable vacuum cleaners to cardiac pumps to artificial limbs, the technology behind many pioneering inventions originated in space.

Not only that, but geospatial information has the potential to predict natural disasters, mitigate risks, monitor deforestation, and inform farmers on how to feed a growing world to solve world hunger. The space sector radiates good thanks to the data that flows to Earth.

Find Top Candidates for your Downstream Space Role

Looking for your next visionaries? At EVONA, we work closely with downstream space companies all over the world to source and supply top candidates for their vacancies – often on an exclusive, retained basis. Whether you work in satellite communications, meteorology, security, or apply space data in another exciting way, we’re here to provide the bespoke recruitment solution you need. A major presence in space sector recruitment, we have the in-depth industry understanding required to help you truly grow.

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Can I Work in Downstream Space?

There are a whole host of diverse opportunities on offer in downstream space for candidates with a drive to excel. This part of the space sector is composed of a broad spectrum of different companies, meaning people with all kinds of backgrounds can find the right role for them. Whether you have data skills, design know-how, or engineering experience, we can help you create a connection with an exciting downstream employer. We know you have what it takes to go far.

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Jobs and Opportunities in Downstream Space

Careers in downstream space can be exciting and highly varied depending on your skills, experience, and interests. If you want to work on projects that see space technologies find real world application on Earth, we can help you jumpstart your career. Dedicated to helping a broad spectrum of people find their route into space, we do recruitment differently. Our candidates are not numbers or CVs; they’re individuals on unique journeys which we have the privilege to play a part in. Ready to find your next challenge? We’re ready to take you there.

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The #1 staffing solution for the space sector, EVONA is integral to the creation of an inspired global space force. We work closely with clients across our three major specialisms: EVONA geospace, EVONA satellite communications, and EVONA infrastructure. To us, nothing is more important than fuelling the space sector with the talent it needs, and safeguarding this talent for the future through outreach, STEM, and thought leadership. For recruitment support that delivers on its promises, you can rely on us.
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