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Christina Korp

EVONA is a refreshing and innovative presence in the space recruitment landscape, passionate about delivering top talent whilst promoting inclusion and diversity at every turn. I feel encouraged and excited to see what the future holds for the space sector, knowing that EVONA is here to supply a global space force defined by talent and talent alone. By working with EVONA, employers are fuelling their ambitions, and creating a better future for our planet.

- Christina Korp


Where we Work

EVONA concentrates its efforts into the provision of talent for our three core specialities, allowing us to understand the challenges faced by employers, and consistently meet the demand for talent with inspired candidates. To us, nothing is more important than ensuring pioneering enterprises receive the talent they need to innovate for our shared future.

Latest News
  • Mach9 Unveils AI-Powered Geospatial Mapping Platform for Infrastructure Management

    Mach9, a North American company, has launched its first software platform that produces 2D and 3D maps from mobile Lidar 30 times faster than existing solutions.
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  • NASA Awards Firefly Aerospace $112 Million Contract for Mission to the Far Side of the Moon

    NASA has announced a $112 million contract with Firefly Aerospace to deliver multiple payloads to the far side of the Moon using their advanced robotic Blue Ghost lander.
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  • Starfish Launches Mission to Clean Up Space with $14M Funding Boost

    Starfish Space has raised $14 million to develop its all-electric Otter spacecraft for satellite life extension and debris removal services.
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