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The backbone of space services, space infrastructure is relied on by every enterprise in the New Space economy. Finding the right talent to design, build, integrate, and test innovative solutions is not always easy. With EVONA on your side, you can safeguard your talent pipeline and fuel the future of space exploration.

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EVONA concentrates its efforts into the provision of talent for our three core specialities, allowing us to understand the challenges faced by employers, and consistently meet the demand for talent with inspired candidates. To us, nothing is more important than ensuring pioneering enterprises receive the talent they need to innovate for our shared future.

Latest News
  • India Successfully Lands Spacecraft on Moon’s South Pole

    India achieves a historic milestone by successfully landing Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft on the moon's south pole, marking the nation's ascent to lunar exploration. Learn about the significance of this achievement and its implications for space exploration.
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  • Timber in Orbit: Japan’s Wooden Satellite Prepares for Launch

    In a groundbreaking endeavor, Japanese researchers are challenging conventions by showcasing the unexpected resilience of wood in the hostile environment of outer space. This extraordinary feat raises an intriguing question: could wooden satellites hold the key to a sustainable future for space technology?
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  • Seradata Welcomes Melissa Quinn: New Horizons with EVONA

    Breaking: Melissa Quinn's new role unveiled - placed by EVONA. Discover her transformative journey from Spaceport Cornwall to Seradata.
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