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Time to listen. In our Origin Stories Space Podcast, we speak to space entrepreneurs about how they got started. From challenges and lessons learned to ultimate successes, we break down what it means to work in space, and dismantle perceived barriers to entry.

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  • EP22: Sassie Duggleby

    Sassie Duggleby joins us on the podcast this week. Sassie is the co-founder and CEO of Venus Aerospace, an incredible startup bringing Earth-based transportation up to speed with space travel. They’re enabling the future of hypersonic transportation, building an engine that enables one-hour global transport. Aside from being a strong female leader in the sector, Sassie is a passionate advocate of empowering women in STEM and works as a mentor to inspire change in the industry. We touch on some really tangible advice for anyone in STEM fields struggling with self-belief and confidence.


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  • EP21: Michal Ziso

    Today we’re joined by visionary space architect, Arch. Michal Ziso, Founder & CEO of ZISO Innovation + Architecture Lab. After falling in love with diversity, buildings and architecture in New York aged 12, she went on to join the Israeli intelligence corps at 18 where she began learning about space, satellites and communication. These two passions were the catalysts for an incredible career as a space architect, which we’re very excited to be diving into today.

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  • EP20: Greg Delory

    Today we’re speaking with Greg Delory, CEO and co-founder of Heliospace. After following his childhood passion for space, he’s worked on some incredible projects — including several NASA lunar and Mars missions. Today, he’s head of an incredible aerospace company using real space experience to achieve the New Space vision.

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  • EP19: Nicole Stott

    Our guest this week is veteran NASA astronaut and aquanaut, engineer, artist, author, former International Space Station resident and director of the Space for Art Foundation, Nicole Stott. She’s a passionate female leader in the sector and a strong advocate of inspiring more women to enter STEM fields. Nicole’s lifelong passion for space and flight, alongside a natural flare for creativity, led her into a career that will blow your mind.

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  • EP18: Skyler Shuford

    Today we’re joined by Skyler Shuford, entrepreneur and aerospace engineer. Born in California, Skyler is the founder and COO of Hermeus, an incredible startup developing a hypersonic passenger plane capable of travelling from New York to Paris in 90 minutes – the fastest aircraft ever. Skyler is a passionate and enigmatic young leader with some great insight into the space sector for budding entrepreneurs.

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  • EP17: Daniel Seidel

    As the first academic in his family, Daniel’s story as a lifelong lover of space and science fiction is truly inspiring. Today he’s the co-founder of LiveEO, the leading solution provider for AI-powered satellite-based infrastructure monitoring. With goals to build a large international space data business by 2025 and to launch his own space hardware into orbit by 2030, he’s is an incredible spokesperson for budding space entrepreneurs.

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  • EP16: Diviya Devani

    Diviya Devani’s lifelong love of space, science and physics propelled her into the space sector. Named as one of 2022’s Top 100 Rising Stars in Science & Engineering, she’s a passionate advocate of women and young people in STEM, as well as the importance of diverse workforces.

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  • EP15: Stella Guillen

    After taking a very unconventional route into the sector, Stella Guillen is now a female leader in the space industry and CCO of Isar Aerospace. She’s a passionate leader and a strong advocate of women in space and STEM. With an incredibly forward-thinking mindset, Stella is celebrating diversity and challenging outdated mentalities in the sector.

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  • Ep14: Kim Macharia

    From an arts background, Kim Macharia is a shining example of not taking ‘no’ for an answer and keeping focussed on her goals. Now Chair to the Board of Directors for Space Frontier Foundation and Executive Director for Space Prize, Kim explains how taking risks in the Space sector pays off.

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  • Ep13: Shelli Brunswick

    The voice for diversity and inclusion in the space sector, for this episode we speak to COO of Space Foundation, Shelli Brunswick. Making space accessible to everyone, she began her career in the US Airforce and promotes space inspired awareness and educational programmes across STEM at all levels.

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  • Ep12: Moriba Jah

    Astrodynamicist, Space Environmentalist, TED fellow, Professor, Space Craft Navigator, Chief Scientists and Co-Founder of  Privateer Space alongside Steve Wozniak, we talk to Moriba Jah about sustainability of our planet and making space accessible to everybody.

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  • Ep11: Rachel Lyons

    Former radio host, public speaker, Rachel Lyons is the Executive Director of the not-for-profit organisation Space for Humanity and talks to us about her role in the movement to expand access to space for all of humanity.

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  • Ep10: Laura Crabtree

    Laura Crabtree is living proof that STEM is cool. Finding her calling early on, Laura’s career as a systems and operation engineer at Northrop Grumman, and later SpaceX, saw her at the controls of the first ever Dragon Mission in 2010 and instrumental in the crewed Dragon mission to the ISS in 2020. In 2021, Laura Co-founded Epsilon3, a company focussing on operating systems for space craft and complex operating systems.

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  • Ep9: Allan Cannon

    Inspired to ‘make things better’ we meet with Allan Cannon, the co-founder of R3-IoT who combine cutting-edge satellite communications technology with the best of IoT to offer unique end-to-end data services to the 90% of the planet that lacks traditional communications infrastructure.

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  • Ep8: Jeroen Cappaert

    Fascinated at university by the various technical problems facing the space sector, Jeroen starting his career as an Aerospace and Aeronautics engineer. Witnessing that there were many more applications that can be enabled by space, Jeroen co-founded Spire and helped them scale to an international business. In this episode, Jeroen provides solid advice on how to be successful within the NewSpace sector.

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  • Ep7: Bianca Cefalo

    From humble beginnings to founding her own commercial space company, Space Dots, Bianca Cefalo is a passionate advocate of diversity and inclusion within the space industry with a relentless drive for educating future generations on the opportunities of the space sector.

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  • Ep6: Matt Kuta

    With an unconventional route into the space industry, Matt Kuta is the COO, President and founder of Voyager Space. Awarded the Jabara Award for saving the lives of 41 US troops and co-founding Space for Humanity in 2017, Matt Kuta is a remarkable individual who has successfully collided the world of business with space exploration.

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  • Ep5: Mel Stricklan

    Recognised as one of America’s top 100 female founders, we talk to Mel Stricklan, the founder of Slingshot Aerospace – a company building world-class space simulation and analytic solutions for the betterment of humanity and sustainability of our planet.

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  • Ep4: Jim Cantrell

    For episode 4 we talk to Jim Cantrell, the founder and CEO of Phantom Space, and co-founder of a little ol’ company you might have heard of: SpaceX. From being a mechanical engineer to road racer, entrepreneur and founder of multiple space companies, Jim has lead nothing short of an amazing career so far in the space sector and there’s a lot left in the tank.

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  • Ep3: Megan Kane

    Megan Kane always wanted to be a farmer, but not on Earth. Fascinated by explorers at the age of 16, Megan made the decision to go to Mars. Our hosts Chloe and Tom talk to Megan about her childhood goal and her personal mission to the Red Planet.

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  • Ep2: James Pearson

    From a core interest in space, James Pearson always wanted to tell the story of technology emerging. From a traditional industry in PR, through 25 years of communication for tech and space companies James found his passion through helping people discover technology before it becomes ubiquitous. Tom and Chloe talk to James about how a non-technical career can have longevity in the space sector.

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  • Ep1: Carol Craig

    Carol Craig is an incredible example of an inspirational figure affecting change and leading the way for all women in the space sector. Craig is one of the first women to ever lead a space business to go public and one of the first women to fly combat in the US Navy before turning into an inspirational ‘astropreneur’. Our hosts Tom and Chloe talk to Carol about her incredible career, her tactics for getting into the space sector, her ability to turn every difficult circumstance into success to launch her own business and what her acronym MTSUAYGA means…

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