Project Inclusivity Drives Diversity Part 2

Beyond Boundaries: Visible Diversity in the Space Sector

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Welcome back to part two!

In Project IDD (Inclusivity Drives Diversity) Part 1, we explored issues of diversity and inclusion from a gender perspective. We gave exclusive insights from two of our principle recruiters who achieved a 50/50 gender split in their placements, and told you how to attract and retain talented women in your organisation.

In part 2, weโ€™re delving into the complexities surrounding visible diversity in the space sector, and the vital role that inclusion will play in shaping the industryโ€™s future. Across the space sector, companies that truly understand the benefits of a diverse workforce are outperforming their competitors. Those who donโ€™t share this vision are being left in the dust.

For this part in the IDD series, we speak to experts in the space industry that share this view: Shelli Brunswick, COO of Space Foundation, Eric Ingram, CEO and co-founder of SCOUT, our very own senior recruiters Mike Tozer and Glen Gill as well as our Digital and Direct Marketer, Danni Doran.

Download the full PDF part 2 guide by filling in the form or read on to find out how to attract, and retain, diverse talent that can take your organisation to the next level.

Click here to download IDD pt 1
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