Recruiting For Your Space Force

Figure in black and white suit steps onto a platform and a space suit downloads. she shoots through the ceiling as if onto her next Space sector careers
Figure in a suit downloads a spacesuit and shoots off into the atmosphere onto their next job in the space sector

Are You A Candidate?

In the face of perceived barriers to entering the space sector, EVONA helps you connect the dots and discover your place in this exciting and fast-growing industry.

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three figures in blue spacesuits shoot down into mission control headquarters from above Mission Control in blue, two people talk in front of blue screens.
Three figures in blue spacesuits shoot down from the ceiling into mission controlTwo blue figures at mission control overlooking computer screens at the forefront.

Are You an employer?

Finding the right space talent can be an overwhelming challenge for any busy enterprise—but you don't have to do it alone. Let EVONA be your Space Talent Partner.

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Mission control screens in black and white blinking and changing in a pixelated manner as if to depict changing data

We’re Your Space-Jobs Mission Control.

At EVONA, we use our space sector expertise to match amazing abilities to incredible opportunities. The result is that we're one of the fastest-growing space sector recruiters in the world.

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Woman holds a STEM seminar in front of an audience in tones of blue.

Sustainable progress starts with STEM

The space industry needs passionate and talented people to drive growth into the future—that’s why EVONA is dedicated to inspiring new generations of the space sector workforce.

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Want to Learn More About Space Careers?

EVONA creates original content that details our unique perspective regarding space sector career opportunities, with the goal of benefitting both employers and candidates alike.

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