Meet Yazan Hasan:

Winner of the 2023 EVONA Diversity in STEM Scholarship

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In our ongoing quest to champion diversity and inclusion in STEM, EVONA is delighted to reveal the recipient of the 2023 EVONA Scholarship for Diversity in STEM.  

Formed in association with the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF), the EVONA scholarship is awarded to an exceptional undergraduate studying a geospatial, data science, or space-related degree. Our mission stands strong – to empower students from all backgrounds to surpass their potential in the broad landscape of STEM. 

Meet Yazan Hasan. An ambitious undergraduate from the University of Maryland, Yazan is this year’s recipient of the EVONA Scholarship. Currently pursuing a double major in Geospatial Data Science and Environmental Science and Technology, Yazan’s passion and dedication to his studies have shone through brightly. His research focus lies in geospatial analysis and its crucial role in addressing environmental challenges, particularly those prevalent in the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) region. 

Following a rigorous selection process, our partners at USGIF have officially confirmed the beneficiaries of this years’ scholarships. A diverse group of 21 talented students will share in the scholarship pool of $125,000, bolstering their educational journeys. Since its inception in 2004, the USGIF scholarship program has been a catalyst for success, contributing over $1.7 million in educational funds to nurture the GEOINT leaders of tomorrow. 

Yazan’s deep-rooted passion for geospatial analysis and environmental science speaks volumes about his dedication to the realm of GEOINT. He has a compelling drive to leverage the potential of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in addressing the spatial disparities and inequalities induced by climate change. Once he rounds off his undergraduate studies, Yazan has his sights set on a master’s degree in geographical science. His ultimate goal is to carve out a dynamic and impactful career in environmental data science. 


“As a fully self-supporting student, winning this scholarship relieves a tremendous burden for me as I enter my senior year at the University of Maryland. There is nothing I cherish more than my education, and for that reason, the generosity of this scholarship is not lost on me and will certainly not be taken for granted. I hope to connect with the USGIF community and make valuable personal and professional connections, preparing me for the workforce as I graduate this spring.”




Tom Kelly, co-founder of EVONA and CEO of EVONA INC, commented, “The essence of the EVONA scholarship goes beyond financial aid. It’s about igniting a flame of passion in young minds, encouraging them to dare to dream and strive for the exceptional. We dream of a future where the realms of space exploration are furthered, not solely by technological breakthroughs, but by the array of diverse ideas and talents that fuel this mesmerizing field. Yazan’s journey is more than his personal development and triumphs – it is a shining testament of resilience and hope for others who aspire to chase their dreams amidst challenges. By dismantling barriers and paving opportunities, we aim to inspire a wave of transformative change, creating an environment where individuals from all walks of life can flourish in STEM fields.” 

As we continue to champion diversity and inclusion in STEM, EVONA stands proudly behind the EVONA Scholarship for Diversity in STEM. By investing in and nurturing a diverse STEM community, we are not only endorsing but pioneering positive change. The entire EVONA crew extends its heartfelt congratulations to Yazan Hasan as he embarks on this pivotal phase of his academic journey.  

For the latest updates on the 2023 USGIF scholarship recipients, head to the USGIF’s website. 

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