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What is Upstream Space?

Upstream space is the section of the space economy that centres on the manufacture of space objects, their propulsion into space, and the exploration of outer regions of the universe. Upstream space involves space product design and manufacturing, as well as the construction of the infrastructure required to launch spacecraft. It also includes applied research, engineering support, the creation of materials and components, and tracking and command activities.

What is an Upstream Space Company?

Simply put, an upstream space company looks up. They are focused on exploring and understanding the universe, and their activities centre on enabling us to propel objects into space. This might be through manufacturing, design, research, or the tracking of space objects. It is upstream space companies who are responsible for the technology needed to explore the universe, making it an integral element of the space ecosystem. If you’re looking to develop a career in space, working for an upstream space company will expand your horizons, test your skills, and inspire you to innovate for the future of humankind.

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Upstream Space Vs Downstream Space

Whereas upstream space projects involve the exploration of the universe, downstream space projects focus on how space technology, data, and research can be applied to products and services that are used on Earth. Both sides of the sector perform crucial functions within the space economy, and contribute to each other within the high value cycle that is making space rival oil and gas in terms of size. In fact, the space sector is estimated to be worth over $3 trillion by 2050.

The Importance of Upstream Space

Upstream space offers significant scientific and economic benefits. It’s critical for expanding our knowledge and understanding of the universe. Upstream space centres on the creation of the infrastructure our modern lives depend on. It also contributes directly to downstream space – developing and launching the satellites and space objects which provide critical information for use in security, meteorology, as well as environmental and farming sectors.

Find Top Candidates for your Upstream Space Role

Upstream space companies expand the horizons of humankind, but finding the employees you need to do so can be time-consuming and disruptive. EVONA is here to provide your total staffing solution to upstream space, delivering top talent exactly as required. We’re trusted by employers across the space sector to seek out people with the capabilities to achieve your vision. Whether you work in space manufacturing, propulsion, or the development of space systems, our recruitment consultants are here to guarantee a continual supply of the best talent in space.

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Can I Work in Upstream Space?

Upstream space companies require a broad spectrum of skills – there are numerous transferrable qualities that can make candidates perfectly suited to this exciting field. Whether you have design skills, a background in engineering, marketing experience, or a passion for data science, we can find a suitable position for you. At EVONA, we believe the future of humanity lies with the space sector, and those who work in upstream space are integral to this endeavour.

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Job Opportunities in Upstream Space

Upstream space is one of the most dynamic and exciting sectors to work in, and EVONA specialises in forging rewarding connections between candidates and employers. If you want to step up and work for some of the most visionary companies on the planet, we can help you get there. Our mission is to find a position that truly excites, inspires, and challenges you. Ready to launch an out of this world career? Let’s get started.

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Specialist Recruitment Support for Upstream Space
EVONA is the force behind some of the most pioneering upstream space companies and projects on and off the planet. With a pool of talented people looking for new opportunities and a network of visionary space companies who count on us for support, we develop fulfilling connections to fuel the exploration of space. Our exclusive focus on space sector recruitment means we have an intricate understanding of the qualities and skills required by space sector companies, and the kind of people destined to soar. To find out more about how we can support your journey, talk to us today.