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Global satcoms has an integral role to play in all our lives, and is the central pillar of the space sector. EVONA is rising to meet the demand for satcoms talent with a dedicated focus on this thriving field. In a competitive marketplace, we supply everyone you need to create a visionary satcoms space force – no excuses, no exceptions.

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Jeff Crusey

Working with EVONA has revolutionised the way I hire and seek out new talent. Instead of a lengthy, drawn out, frustrating process, recruitment has become exciting – full of potential and possibilities. The team at EVONA have a genuine passion for delivering the right talent, exactly as required, and I know I can trust them to support and fuel any venture now and in the future. Our partnership has been highly rewarding, and I look forward to both of our continued successes.

- Jeff Crusey


Where We Work

EVONA works across the full spectrum of space enterprise, delivering inspired and driven candidates to every corner of this innovative sector. With in-depth knowledge concentrated into three core specialities, we have the capabilities to meet your exact specifications.

Latest News
  • MTG-I1 Satellite Marks New Era of Weather Forecasting

    MTG-I1 is the first satellite to be launched in a wider project, promising to revolutionise weather forecasting and long-term climate monitoring.
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  • US Space Force Orders 3 GPS Satellites in $744M Contract

    The US Space Force announced the contract for three GPS 3F satellites from Lockheed Martin.
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  • European Space Agency Secure €16.9 Billion Budget

    The announcement was made on the second day of the ESA’S Ministerial Council in Paris.
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