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Space can seem impenetrable and unrealistic for students looking to identify a career path, but we know there’s a place for you. We’re here to help students understand how the space ecosystem functions and take concrete action steps to reach their goals. Think a career in space is out of the question? Think again.

Can I Work in Space?
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Roles in Space

Opening the Door

The space sector is one of the most innovative industries on (and off) the planet, with opportunities available to people with a broad spectrum of skills. And it’s not just about astronauts. Even those with an interest in art, writing, or video games can channel their skills into the space sector in new and exciting ways.

  • EVONA Tech

    • Data
    • Product
    • Dev
    • DevOps
    • Image/Video
    • AI/ML
    • Remote sensing and EO
  • EVONA Engineering

    • Embedded
    • Electrical
    • Propulsion
    • Systems
    • Mechanical/Thermal
    • AIT
    • GNC/ADCS
  • EVONA Sales & Ops

    • Sales
    • BD
    • HR
    • Legal
    • Account Management
    • Finance
    • Marketing


Discover the Space Sector

Listen to our podcast to gain an insight into the origin stories of some of the most innovative players in the space ecosystem. Every two weeks, we speak to industry leaders and entrepreneurs about their own individual stories of success, dismantling the perceived barriers to entry.

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Set Yourself up for Success

Ready for a challenge? Ambitious students don’t like to sit still. The good news is that there are actionable steps you can take today to set yourself up for a thrilling career. Explore our resources to gain an insight into the industry, and discover the mindset and skills you need to succeed.



The Future of Space

The space sector will play a key role in determining humanity’s future – and the future of the space sector lies in the hands of the next generation. From challenging and combating the problem of inclusivity in the sector to working with schools to inspire burgeoning talent, we do everything we can to safeguard a better tomorrow. As STEM ambassadors, we proudly inspire students of all ages to do good for the earth, starting with space.

New Horizons
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