Seradata Welcomes Melissa Quinn: From Spaceport Cornwall to New Horizons with EVONA

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Following a transformative journey at Spaceport Cornwall, Melissa Quinn is poised to chart new territories in her newly unveiled role as general manager at Slingshot Seradata.

Melissa Quinn announces departure from Spaceport Cornwall to Slingshot Seradata

Her appointment to this crucial position at a leading space market analysis firm signals another significant milestone in her illustrious career.

We at EVONA are incredibly proud to have placed Melissa in this new role. We’re thrilled to announce this transition and look forward to witnessing the innovative leadership and purpose-driven dedication Melissa will undoubtedly bring to her new position.

“After a decade at Spaceport Cornwall, and having achieved that historic first launch, my next career step had to be about more than finding just a job. It was crucial to me that my new venture aligned with my Space for Good purpose, and the prospective company was passionate about space and sustainability. I have definitely found that in Slingshot Seradata,” said Melissa Quinn. “Ross at EVONA really understood my needs and supported me throughout the whole process. It was a fantastic experience from start to finish (and beyond!), and the space industry is lucky to have them finding the skills we need to move us all forward.”

Melissa Quinn’s tenure at Spaceport Cornwall was nothing short of legendary. Beginning her journey as aerospace sector engagement manager in 2010, Melissa’s consistent demonstration of excellence led to her promotion to head of engagement in 2015. Recognizing her substantial contributions, the organization further elevated her to the role of head of spaceport in 2020. As the world’s first female spaceport leader, Melissa carved out a significant place in history, paving the way for more diverse leadership in the sector. Under her skilled guidance, Spaceport Cornwall carried out the UK’s first ever satellite launch, made possible through a strategic alliance with Virgin Orbit. During her leadership, not only did Spaceport Cornwall secure the UK’s first licensed spaceport, but it also set new standards for the UK’s broader engagement in space exploration and technology. This marked a significant milestone, redefining the landscape of the industry.

Under Melissa’s guidance, Spaceport Cornwall secured key investments, navigated complex regulations, and delivered advanced infrastructure, all while conveying the compelling story of space exploration to the local community. Melissa’s work extended far beyond the bounds of Cornwall, garnering international recognition through features in the New York Times, The Guardian, BBC World News, and The Independent.

It’s no surprise that Slingshot Seradata, the space industry’s premier launch and satellite database, selected Melissa for the role of general manager. The company, recently acquired by Slingshot Aerospace, can anticipate significant expansion under Melissa’s innovative leadership. Given her track record of overseeing high-profile national projects, managing multidimensional stakeholders, and amplifying the profile of space initiatives, she is exceptionally suited to navigate Slingshot Seradata’s expansive database and drive their market analysis system forward.

Slingshot Seradata, renowned for capturing comprehensive data on every orbital launch and satellite since Sputnik in 1957, is about to leap into its next chapter with Melissa at the helm. Her expertise in aerospace markets, project management, and strategic leadership will be instrumental in managing day-to-day operations and steering Slingshot Seradata’s market analysis tool for a deeper dive into the world’s satellite systems.

“From the moment we initially engaged with Melissa about the position at Slingshot Seradata, we knew she was the right fit,” commented Ross Crosby, EVONA’s Head of Contract. “Her track record of innovative leadership, coupled with her consistent and pragmatic decision-making skills, aligns perfectly with Slingshot Seradata’s goals and vision. But it’s not just about experience – her commitment to the sustainable use of space, and her ability to inspire others to share this vision, is exceptional. Melissa’s impact at Spaceport Cornwall significantly advanced the industry, and we anticipate the same transformative influence at Slingshot Seradata. They’ve gained a dynamic leader who will propel them into their next phase, and Melissa is joining a company that will leverage her skills to the fullest, fostering continued growth and expansion in the industry.”

It’s a thrilling day in the space industry as we welcome this highly anticipated transition. There’s been an electrifying buzz around Melissa’s move, fuelled by much speculation and excitement. Today, we celebrate not just a job transition, but a testament to Melissa’s unwavering commitment to propelling the space industry forward.

Melissa Quinn, a name synonymous with trailblazing leadership and strategic space innovation, is set to take Slingshot Seradata on an unforgettable journey. The future of space data analysis has never looked brighter.


To hear more about Melissa’s incredible story so far, straight from the source herself, tune into the latest episode of the EVONA Origin Stories podcast on Spotify, or get the full experience on YouTube.

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