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Unveiling the Benefits and Top Salaries of Joining the Space Sector in 2024

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Embarking on a career in the space sector in 2024 offers unparalleled opportunities for innovation, above-average salaries, and a chance to contribute to cutting-edge projects.  

We’re shedding light on the compelling benefits and competitive salaries that make a career in the space sector a top choice. 

In the Space Workforce: Analyzing Key Data Points for Career Growth

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that aerospace engineers in the United States earn a median annual wage that is significantly higher than the national average. In addition to competitive salaries, it’s evident that the industry not only offers competitive salaries but also serves as a breeding ground for professional advancement across a spectrum of roles—from engineering to data science, sales, project management, and beyond. This unprecedented growth not only highlights the sector’s dynamism but also emphasizes its capacity to foster innovation and career progression.

Unveiling Career Insights in the 2024 Space Industry Landscape 

As we delve into our placement data from June 2023 to January 2024, the top roles commanding the highest salaries range from leadership positions like VP of Space Vehicles and Sales Directors to specialized technical roles in areas such as 3D Printing and Systems Engineering. This diversification reflects the multidisciplinary nature of the industry, offering opportunities for professionals with varied expertise.  

Additionally, a breakdown by department reveals demand for skills in sales, engineering, AI/Deep Learning, and more, emphasizing the industry’s holistic approach to innovation.  

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Our highest placement salaries 

  • VP of Space Vehicles
  • VP of Sales and Marketing
  • VP of 3D Print
  • VP of Business Development
  • Technical Director… sign up to unlock the full breakdown 

Breakdown by most common department

  • Sales and Business Development  
  • Systems Engineering  
  • AI/Deep learning… sign up to unlock the full breakdown 

Notably, the prevalence of remote and hybrid working arrangements, accounting for 70% of the agreed terms, speaks to the sector’s adaptability to a global talent pool.

Agreed on location terms

  • Remote working: 55%…sign up to unlock the full breakdown 

With California, and Colorado as the key hubs, the space industry is not only expanding its economic impact but also becoming more accessible geographically.  

Most common location by state  

  • California: 30% 
  • Colorado: 25%… sign up to unlock the full breakdown 

To align with this growth, companies are recognizing the need to provide competitive perks, making it a compelling moment for both employers and job seekers to embark on a mutually beneficial journey in the space sector.


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