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In our latest “Spotlight On” series, we delve into the world of recruitment through the eyes of Theo Borek Higgins, our Senior Project Recruiter at EVONA, who has been with the company for nearly two years. With a background as diverse as being a secondary school science teacher to working in recruitment, Theo brings a unique perspective to the space sector, driven by a passion for disrupting the industry norms.

Join us as Theo shares his insights on making a meaningful impact in the space industry, breaking stereotypes, and finding a supportive environment that champions the unique contributions of every individual.

What led you to join EVONA?

I sought out companies disrupting the industry. I wanted to work for a recruitment company that had a clear purpose and clear pillars, including non-changing flexibility, trust in its employees, and a lack of micromanagement that had become rife in the mainstream recruitment industry. As a neurodivergent individual, a company with this sort of ethos was of paramount importance to me and my personal wellbeing, and essential for my ability to excel at what I do in an environment I feel comfortable in and enjoy.

What did you do before working at EVONA?

I was a secondary school science teacher, and before that, I worked in another recruitment company in the UK.

What motivates you to continue your career with EVONA?

The most significant factors are the flexibility and trust that management places in its employees. I firmly believe that employees who feel trusted and valued by their employers work harder in a more committed and motivated fashion than employees who do not feel trusted by their employers and are not given the flexibility and freedom to excel in their job. I feel like I get this from EVONA, and that is deeply valuable to me.

What fuels your passion within your specific area of the space industry?

I find the space sector inherently fascinating and always have. I deeply enjoy the nature of the work and speaking to candidates and clients working on such incredible projects that can change the way we see our world.

I think the space sector is often misunderstood and seen through a narrow focus of astronauts and billionaire space races to Mars; however, there is so much more to the space sector than many realize. I find the less well-known areas of the sector, particularly around the area of earth observation and geospatial data, incredibly progressive and fascinating. It fills me with hope about how technologies in space can, in real-time, make our world a better place.


What strengths help you succeed in recruitment?

My strengths lie in my meticulous attention to detail and my commitment to high standards, adherence to process, logic and reason, and a keen interest in efficiency bolstered by recent AI technology advancements. I am incredibly grateful to be part of a company that supports and provides resources for my approach, enabling me to excel and make a significant impact in recruitment.

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