Can I Work in Space in Business Operations?

Space Needs Business People

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  • Does the Space Sector Need Business Skills?

    The only thing separating a space sector business from any other business is space! That means the set of business and leadership skills required by any sector are also required in space. More than that, space sector businesses need people with skills in sales, finance, and even law. If you have experience in a business operations role and have highly advanced communication, collaboration, and leadership skills, there’s a role for you in space.

  • Can I Work in Space in Sales?

    Yes! There are a range of jobs and opportunities in space for ambitious people with sales experience. Depending on your role, you could be at the forefront of new sales campaigns, liaising with customers, preparing technical proposals, translating customer requirements into actionable propositions, or managing procurement. Businesses in the space sector are creating innovative products, platforms, and software, and you could be the person sharing those innovations with clients and the wider world.

  • What Business Finance Roles are there in Space?

    Finance is at the core of any business’ operations, and as such those with business finance experience are highly sought after by the space sector. Whether you’ve just graduated with a finance degree or have spent years working in finance in a different sector, you might be the perfect fit for a business in space. From executive level positions to financial analysts to procurement roles, there are a range of opportunities available for people with your skills.

  • What Does a Space Lawyer do?

    Like any corporate or organisational lawyer, a space lawyer will provide specialist legal support to governmental or commercial space sector operations. You will need to have an intricate understanding of space law, commercial law, and keep abreast of the latest developments in the sector. Depending on your experience level, you could be involved with drafting and reviewing contracts, negotiating agreements on behalf of clients, preparing legal arguments, and offering advice. If you want to take your legal career in a new and exhilarating direction, the space sector might be right for you!

  • What Business Jobs are there in Space?

    Organisations in the space sector are hugely varied, and so too are the business operations jobs on offer. Some of the roles available include:

    • Business operations associate
    • Business operations manager
    • Corporate lawyer
    • Space lawyer
    • Operations support
    • Head of finance
    • Operations analyst
    • Business development director
    • Sales director
    • Finance executive
    • Finance analyst
    • Procurement co-ordinator
Business Jobs and Opportunities in the Sector

Careers in space can be challenging and highly rewarding – and your opportunity might be just around the corner. We’re on a mission to show people of all educational backgrounds that they have the transferrable skills required to work and thrive in this sector. There are a range of opportunities available for people with business, sales, finance, and legal expertise. If you’re looking for an out of this world career, EVONA has the opportunity for you.

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