Project Inclusivity Drives Diversity Part 1

Diversity Without Inclusion: How the Space Sector Gets It Wrong

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Diversity in the space sector is a hot topic – but Houston, we have a problem.

The US STEM workforce is 89% white and 72% male. With such a staggering white male monopoly, it’s no surprise people from other demographics are feeling alienated.

The business case for a diverse workforce has been statistically proven time and time again. The problem is that many companies’ approaches to this is recruiting a few ‘diverse hires’ and thinking the job’s done. This isn’t going to solve the problem.

EVONA understand the root of the issue. Diversity isn’t achievable in any organisation without inclusivity – inclusion needs to come first. That’s why we’re using our space industry knowledge, expertise and relationships to address real-life ways the sector can change for good.

There’s a simple solution to ensure your company is attracting the best talent, from all walks of life. Download the full PDF guide by filling in the form or read on to find out how to attract, and retain, diverse talent that can take your organisation to the next level.

IDD Pt 2 now available, click to download
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