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How EVONA empowered ICEYE’s growth

A five year journey – driving growth through EVONA’s talent solutions 

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ICEYE's rapidly expansion

Owning the largest constellation of agile SAR (Synthetic-Aperture Radar) satellites in the world, ICEYE empowers commercial and government partners to make informed data-driven decisions to address time-critical challenges when it matters.

Since 2020, ICEYE has trusted us for its talent acquisition needs. As ICEYE embarked on a significant expansion in 2022, requiring the fulfillment of over key 100 critical positions globally, EVONA was the chosen partner to deliver on this challenge. Over our partnership, we have placed over 155 professionals across the US and EU markets at ICEYE, showing our commitment to their growth and operational excellence.

ICEYE’s ambition to rapidly expand its workforce in the US and EU presented three significant challenges:

Scale team

The need for swift team expansion to meet ambitious hiring goals. 


Limited time and bandwidth within their HR department to sift through applications and select top candidates.   

Diverse seniority and roles

The requirements of sourcing candidates across a broad spectrum of seniority levels and departments, from HR partners and Mission Directors to IT helpdesk interns and DevOps Engineers. 

  • “For our next phase of growth…we are convinced that EVONA was our ideal partner”  

    - Steve Scheers - Chief People & Culture Officer at ICEYE 
  • Our partnership with EVONA will set us up for success in our next phase of growth. We decided to work with them as we want to recruit the best talent and after we have spoken with EVONA’s founders and some of their staff, we are convinced that are our ideal partner. We look forward to overachieving together next year.” 

    - Steven Scheers - Chief People and Culture officer of ICEYE 
Our impact

Supported next-phase production ramp-up by ensuring a sharp increase in hiring was met with qualified, culturally aligned candidates.

The quality factor

Successfully filled over key 155 positions, showcasing our blended approach efficiency and effectiveness in meeting ICEYE’s urgent recruitment needs.

The time factor

Reduced the average time to hire to 36 days for key positions, significantly below industry standards and expectations.

The global factor

We placed key roles, from Customer Operations & Satellite Planning Specialists and DevOps Engineer to Satellite Operations Engineers and SAR Scientists (Architect & Engineer) across the US and EU.

Our strategic solutions


LITE and Direct Hire. Our approach combined EVONA’s LITE model with Direct Hire strategies to efficiently meet ICEYE’s diverse recruitment needs in a timely manner.  

Blended approach. This blended method not only supplemented ICEYE’s internal HR efforts by filtering top applicants but also leveraged our vast network of over 200K professionals coupled with our professional headhunters to enrich ICEYE’s talent pool.  

Targeted search. Our Direct Hire model, renowned for its global search capabilities, was instrumental in filling both C-Suite roles and niche or specialized roles across the globe.

Our placements:

ICEYE US:  63 placements in total. Most common roles:

  • Customer Operations & Satellite Planning Specialist
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Business Development Manager
  • SAR Image Specialist
  • Account Managers
  • Mission Director
  • Embedded Software Engineer
  • HR Business Partner

ICEYE EU:  92 placements in total. Most common roles:

  • Satellite Operations Engineers
  • SAR Scientist (Architect & Engineer)
  • Flight Dynamics Engineers
  • Structural Analysis Engineer
  • Space Mission Manager
  • Senior Embedded Software Engineer
  • Bids & Proposals Managers
  • Customer Success Engineers

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