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EVONA's LITE subscription model saves clients over $368,000

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Redefine staffing costs with EVONA LITE

In just 5 months, EVONA achieved remarkable savings for clients through its LITE Subscription Model. This unique approach, featuring a fixed monthly fee of $1,000 per role, ensures a cost-efficient recruitment process, leveraging EVONA’s reach and industry experts who handpick and screen the most suitable candidates. It’s not just about the numbers; it’s about redefining how businesses find the right talent without breaking the bank. 

Unleashing cost efficiency

Since launching 5 months, EVONA LITE has been instrumental in saving its top LITE clients a substantial $368,000 through its Subscription Model. This model underscores its commitment to delivering cost-effective solutions.    

EVONA LITE vs. Traditional staffing costs

EVONA’s LITE Subscription Model offers a significant financial advantage over traditional recruitment costs. With LITE, businesses can budget effectively, avoiding the financial fluctuations associated with variable recruitment. 

Why choose EVONA LITE

EVONA LITE has earned the trust of renowned brands such as Airbus OneWeb Satellites, HERMEUS, Kayhan Space, Astro Digital, and Special Aerospace Services. These companies have relied on the LITE Subscription Model to meet their recruitment needs.   


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LITE is not just a subscription model; it’s your embedded fractional recruiter, joining your team.  

Increase your job posts visibility by leveraging the EVONA network

Leverage its extensive network of over 200,000 space professionals, cultivated through their social following and website visibility. Giving you access to a pool of candidates with niche expertise and a genuine interest in the space sector.  

Save time, read only qualified-ready applications

EVONA’s specialists curate the best candidates and conduct one-on-one screening calls to ensure a deeper understanding of skills, experience, and cultural fit. Leaving you with a shortlist of interview ready candidates. 

Hire key talent ASAP

Reduced the average time to hire to 36 days for key positions, significantly below industry standards and expectations. 

Transform your recruitment strategy with EVONA

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