STEM just got excitinG

When teachers add SPACE to STEM, kids get motivated. EVONA offers insights that help bring kids’ space career dreams closer to reality.

Step 01

Learn what is possible

Space is more than astronauts and satellites. Learn more about what career opportunities are possible. You may be surprised to learn that your interest in art, or your love of video games, or your talent for writing can be channelled in new and exciting ways within the space sector.

Step 02

Plan for success

With your goals in mind, create an individual development plan (IDP) that will help keep you on track. Work backwards from your goals to identify the skills and attitudes that are required, and then outline concrete action steps for developing them. A mentor can help periodically assess your progress and update your plan.

Head silhouette in monocrome features 6 blue hexagons featuring the words: Optimism, Growth, Confidence, Positive Self-talk, Work ethic, Resilience
Step 03

Develop a winning mindset

A winning mindset is often more important than talent in determining who succeeds in the long run. Pursue your passion. Learn how to rebound from adversity and maintain focus on your goals. Practice taking action and learning from failure. These traits will separate you from the pack and carry you farther than talent or luck alone.

Step 04

future-proof Your skills

Technology is changing quickly. Focus on developing a skill stack that is adaptable and “future-proof:” a thoughtful combination of soft skills and understanding of the core principles of a field. This will ensure that you will always be a valuable asset in any work environment, no matter how far tech advances during your time in school.

Step 05

Make Useful Connections

Career advancement often comes down to who you know and who knows you. Start building your network of contacts early by following industry news, participating in industry events, and maintaining relationships with school friends, colleagues and mentors—EVONA's programs are a great way to forge these connections.