Dynamics and Control Engineer

As a Dynamics and Control Engineer, you will be instrumental in predicting the in-orbit performance of an innovative space vehicle. Your role will encompass vehicle-level dynamics modeling, propagated orbital dynamics modeling, and controller design for flight-ready avionics. We are looking for a candidate with comprehensive GNC development capabilities.

– Develop and maintain their 6DOF simulation to analyze vehicle attitude, station-keeping, and orbital performance.
– Design and implement controllers for space-bound hardware.
– Utilize simulations to guide and refine ADCS design.
– Collaborate closely with avionics engineers to ensure reliable and high-performance attitude determination and control.
– Support prototyping efforts by implementing controllers on prototype hardware.

Ideal Qualifications:
– PhD/Master’s degree in a GNC-related field.
– Over 5 years of experience with in-space dynamics and controls.
– Proven technical ownership of operational vehicle controllers and simulations.
– Experience in developing simulation environments from the ground up, with a strong understanding of best practices.