Engineering director

Are you tired of city living, long commutes and nothing to do?

I am looking for an Engineering Director who loves the outdoors and wants to move to a remote location whilst still having a technical impact on the space/ aerospace world.

The position will suit someone who has experience with

Product lifecycle
Implementing process/ process improvement
Quality standards ISO 9001/ AS9100 or similar
Dealing with internal customers
Recruiting technical engineers/ training and empowering
Managing cross functional engineering teams – mech, electrical, software

You get to work on the production of various propulsion systems, having a high impact on a rapid growth business whilst also enjoying ample amounts of skiing, mountain biking, ice fishing, hiking and any other outdoor pursuit you can think of!

A rare opportunity to mix the best of both worlds and join a select few who have already made the jump from the likes of Space X, Nasa and other well known rocket companies across the US. An impressive 20+ hires in the last 2 years that have made this life changing move into the wilderness.

Sounds like heaven right! Send your resume over to if you would like to hear more.