1. This promotion is open to existing and new clients.
  2. For new clients of EVONA at the point of signing the terms the discounted fees apply for 6 months.
  3. For existing clients, the 6 month period will apply from first engagement of a new vacancy not already registered with EVONA.
  4. Discount will apply to a maximum of 6 (six) roles given to EVONA in those first 6 months regardless of the time it takes to fill those positions.
  5. After the first 6 month period is over, any additional roles will be on a negotiated % fee.
  6. Our standard rate is 25%, meaning all roles under this promotion will be worked at 18.75%.
  7. This promotion applies worldwide on contingency placements both contract and permanent.
  8. An initial consultation will take place with you to establish your needs prior to terms being signed.
  9. All other terms and conditions apply and remain unchanged.
  10. In order to qualify for the discount, all terms need to be signed by 31st March 2023.