Space Spectra #2 - How do you design for outer space?

Space Spectra - Virtual Interviews: How do you design for the furthest reaches of our Solar System, and beyond?

On: Zoom

At: 9th September 2020 4pm (BST)

Our second Space Spectra Webinar looks into Systems and Design Miniaturisation for Space Exploration & Scalable Habitats and how space careers are evolving with the advancement of space tech, interplanetary settlements and solar system's exploration.

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Bianca Cefalo - Our Host, Rocket Scientist and Space Educator (UK).

Jane Poynter - Founder, Co-CEO at Space Perspective (USA).

Peter Wilczynski - Program Executive - Joint Polar Satellite System Mission at NASA (USA)

Michal Ziso -  Space Architect and Founder of ZISO (ISRAEL).

Xavier De Kestelier -  Principal / Head of Design Technology and Innovation at Hassell (UK).

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