Space Spectra #1 - What's your identity in outer space?

Space Spectra - Virtual Interviews : What's your identity in outer space?

On: Zoom

At: 19th August 2020 4pm (BST)

The theme of our inaugural launch Space Spectra event is What is your identity in Outer Space? Our panellists and host talk about how they got into the space industry, their top tips for getting ahead in your career and take questions live from our attendees.


'Space Spectra' is a series of virtual interactive interviews, launched with the aim of connecting University Students with strong identities, eclectic personalities and diverse compelling stories within the Space Industry.

For the Next-Generation of Space Leaders to feel comfortable being 'outliers', whilst fulfilling their Space passion - irrespective of their educational background.

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Our inaugural webinar features:

Bianca Cefalo - Our Host, Rocket Scientist and Space Educator (UK).

Malak T. Loeb (PhD) - Futurist, Entrepreneur and International Space Lawyer (UAE).

Benjamin Pothier - Analog Astronaut, human factor expert and Mission Commander (EU).

Moriba Jah - Astrodynamicist, Space Environmentalist and Professor (USA).

Marta Ferran Marqués - WOMARS Aerospace Materials Engineer (UK).

Cristina Vázquez Reynel - WOMARS Aerospace Design Engineer (UK).

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