We’re Born to Explore

Our job is bigger than simply matching candidates with opportunities. We're helping stimulate and shape the space industry as a whole—one inspired person at a time.

We Created EVONA to Be A Difference-Maker

EVONA was born when four passionate recruitment specialists teamed up to apply their skills to improve the long-term prospects of the international space industry. Our co-founders represent more than 30 combined years of recruitment experience and 20+ years of recruiting for the space sector.

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Space Is Our Sole Focus

The way we look at it, we’re in the candidate inspiration, education, preparation, and opportunity-matchmaking business. We're emotional intelligence meets specialized knowledge, and we empower space companies to grow.

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Our Roots Are In Space Recruitment

Our consultants have an in-depth understanding of today’s multifaceted space industry, including engineering, data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning, mission assurance, and the sales and business development necessary to sustain a modern commercial space enterprise. Our team’s technical expertise is complemented by a knack for identifying a candidate’s transferable skills; a talent which provides job-seekers an access point to fruitful space sector careers. 

Because of this singular focus on the space sector, we have the situational awareness to ensure that the right people are flowing to the right places at the right times.

The status quo must go

Many recruiting firms are transparently shallow, leveraging their industry relationships in order to extract a commission. This is not what we do; this is not who we are.

We don’t see our candidates or our clients through a commission filter. We see you for who you really are, and how you can best connect.

We invest in our candidates before matching them to a client.

We provide the preparation, inspiration, and navigation necessary for everything to click and lock into place in their new role.  

We help break down boundaries. Historically, the space sector has created barriers for all but the few who fit within a narrow set of social and educational parameters. We help candidates jump the maze and access jobs that dreams are made of.  

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We're Recruiting Plus

We connect with talented candidates from around the globe and match them with a multinational network of exciting space companies. We place both permanent and contractor positions at businesses building upstream and downstream space applications, LEO satellite constellations, 5G networks, in-flight services—and so much more. 

In addition to expert recruiters, we are passionate STEM ambassadors that work with schools and universities to inspire the next generation of the space industry workforce.