Electrical Design Engineer

Electrical Design Engineer
Andøya, Norway

At EVONA we are looking for an Electrical Design Engineer (Vocational Training/Fagbrev completed) to join our client in Norway.

The Role and Responsibilities

You will help building the launchpad in Andoya for the launcher “Spectrum”. You will be the responsible electrician on-site with your tasks including coordinating build-up, maintenance, troubleshooting, implementing upgrades and more. Also hands-on work will be part of your daily business. You will have a close exchange with the engineering departments in the headquarters and bringing them to life in Andoya!
More specifically, you will:

  • Act as the responsible electrician for the launchpad and being the link between design and on-site executive departments
  • Creation and reading of circuit diagrams for control cabinets                               
  • Carrying out and checking technical calculations                                                
  • Selection and procurement of required components                               
  • Standardized functional testing of switch cabinets and preparation of measurement protocols
  • Mechanical construction and wiring of control cabinets                           
  • Support during the commissioning of systems                                        
  • Maintenance of the electrical systems of the launch pad                         
  • Electrical installation of control cabinets and systems                                         
  • Wiring of sensors and actors                                                                                         
  • Troubleshooting of electrical systems


Job requirements

  • Completed apprenticeship as an electrician, further education as professional responsible or similar
  • Permanent approval as a “professionally responsible electrician” in Norway from DSB
  • Previous planned and worked with electrical systems (24V/400V) for at least 2 years
  • General knowledge about electrics, sensors, ECAD programs and applicable standards/norms
  • High reliability and sense of responsibility
  • Team player with a can-do attitude
  • Fluent in English 

A plus would be

  • Knowledge in the field of ATEX-electrics
  • Fluent in German  

Controls & Automation Engineer

Controls & Automation Engineer (PLC)
Andøya, Norway

At EVONA we are looking for a Controls and Automation Engineer (PLC Engineer) to join our client in Norway.

The Role and Responsibilities

You will design, maintain, troubleshoot and upgrade the control system of the rocket launch facility near Andenes (Andoya), Norway and will be technical responsible for both software and hardware elements of the control system. There will be close collaboration with the HQ control systems team for work on both this facility.
I involved in day to day operations, and will work alongside other engineers to operate the facility. It is expected that there will be a close connection to the other engineers, and the development of a deep understanding of facility systems and requirements.
More specifically, you will: 

  • Develop PLC software for existing and future control systems in Andoya
  • Design PLC hardware setups and PLC-related networks
  • Perform risk analyses and design safety-critical electrical systems
  • Commission control systems and maintain/upgrade them
  • Be the responsible for hardware and software related topics
  • Perform rocket launch operations as part of the local engineering and operations team


Job requirements

  • A degree in electrical engineering, automation technology, or similar, or a certified engineer (‘staatlich geprüfter Techniker’) in automation technology Experience
  • At least 2 years of experience in automation and PLC technology
  • Experience in the field of PLC programming (soft-PLC) and commissioning preferably using Beckhoff TwinCAT 3 or CODESYS based systems
  • Experience in giving technical support and troubleshooting in the field and remotely
  • Knowledge about fieldbus systems
  • Basic understanding of electrical schematics Languages
  • Fluent in English

A plus would be

  • Knowledge of sensors/sensor signals and test equipment
  • Experience designing and building PLC systems to EU and international standards, preferably with Beckhoff controllers
  • Experience with functional safety system design and implementation