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Access the Brightest New Talent in STEM

EVONA bridges the gap between top STEM talent and visionary companies, covering internships to entry-level roles. Dive into our diverse network and meet the passionate minds eager to join your team.

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What is EVONA Early Years?

EVONA delivers comprehensive talent acquisition packages, seamlessly linking students and recent graduates to top internships and entry-level careers. Explore a network tailored to advance the next generation in STEM.

  • Manage High Volumes of Applications

    At EVONA, we’re  aware that entry-level, internship, or graduate roles can often receive hundreds of eager applicants. Our dedicated team takes the responsibility of diligently monitoring, sifting, and qualifying each application, ensuring that only the most compatible candidates are put forward for your organization

  • Qualify Candidates

    As industry leaders, we guide aspiring talents eager to break into our vibrant sector. We craft compelling narratives and are dedicated to nurturing the next generation, ensuring they thrive in their professional journey.

  • Cost Efficiency

    Streamline your budget and efforts by letting us handle the high-volume applications. This enables your internal Talent Acquisition team to concentrate on specialised and niche hires, ensuring quality and precision.

  • Access to a Global Network

    Our database boasts an impressive number entry-level talents globally. Coupled with an expansive outreach to 170K sector-dedicated professionals, we stand as a robust gateway to those genuinely committed to a career in the industry.

The EVONA Early Years Package

What does this include?
  • A Dedicated Consultant

    Entrust your hiring needs to a specialised consultant experienced in navigating the vast pools of early-career applicants. With an eye for detail, they will assess, select, and present only those candidates who resonate with your company’s culture. In a sea of applications, we ensure you connect only with the best fits for your organisation.

  • EVONA Website & Promotion

    By listing your openings on EVONA’s job board, you’re positioning your vacancies at the forefront of a dedicated space frequented by students and recent graduates. Over the years, we’ve built a significant database of budding talent, ensuring that your positions resonate with the right audience. Coupled with our regular student engagements and the traction of thousands of monthly website visitors, your roles stand out, connecting you seamlessly to the emerging talent.

  • Additional Advertising on Job Boards

    Amplify your reach with additional job postings on recognised job boards, including Resume Library, Jobsite, and several others, ensuring a broader audience and more potential candidates.

  • Analytics & Insights

    Stay informed and ahead of the curve with our expert consultant’s in-depth analysis of your advert analytics. This invaluable insight will not only help you understand the traction your posting receives but will also provide recommendations to enhance your recruitment process.

  • Linkedin Enterprise Level Adverts

    Even as expanding our outreach may result in more applications, we never lose sight of finding the ideal fit for your needs. By tapping into LinkedIn Enterprise Premium Adverts (typically priced between $500-$1,000 per advert), your job postings achieve enhanced visibility. This, paired with sophisticated application management tools and instant mobile updates for suited candidates, refines your hiring process, directing you to the most aligned talent.


Experience EVONA Early Years

Starting your journey with EVONA Early Years is a commitment to nurturing and investing in emerging talent. We recognise the immense potential in the early years of any career, and our platform is designed to tap into that raw energy and passion. Rather than just offering a subscription service, we provide a launchpad for young talent, ready to make their mark.

Whether you’re exploring the breadth of our offerings or determined to harness their full potential, our team stands ready with specialised guidance for your unique business needs.

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  • With over 50 years of combined industry experience, we offer the future generation of talent an unparalleled and captivating introduction to the sector.

    - 50+ Years of Industry Experience
  • Each candidate, regardless of suitability, deserves a response. We honor this belief, ensuring that every experience is valued.

    - Recognition at Every Step
  • We offer targeted career advice, showcase growth opportunities within organisations, and provide insights into the space industry, all underscored by success stories and varied placements from our candidate portfolio.

    - A Glimpse Beyond
Rebecca Cox

At EVONA we are incredibly passionate about raising the curtain on the limitless sector that is Space. Having young children myself, I am keen to influence a future where our next generation believe in the possibilities and make them a reality. By supporting our clients in delivering the message that Space really is ‚Äėfor everyone‚Äô and engaging with candidates across the spectrum of early years, from apprentices, interns, grads and unskilled entry level talent, we are opening the door of opportunity and making it accessible for everyone.¬†

- Rebecca Cox

Lead for EVONA Early Years

Harnessing the Potential of Early-Years Talent

Why is Early Years Talent so Important?

Embracing early talent isn’t just about filling roles; it’s about investing in a committed, local, and moldable workforce that not only drives immediate value but also lays the groundwork for the company’s long-term vision and success.

Loyalty and Longevity

Early talent is often more committed, likely to stay longer compared to skilled workers who frequently change roles. They’re deeply invested in the company culture and represent the future, making their retention crucial for sustained business growth.

Local Representation and Community Engagement

Hiring early talent usually means tapping into local resources, which not only supports community development but also fosters representation and enriches the company’s ties to its community.

Cost-Effective Skill Development

Investing in early talent is about molding the future. By upskilling and nurturing them, businesses can reduce ongoing hiring costs and cultivate passionate brand advocates from within.

STEM purpose at EVONA

Our Mission Statement

Using our passion for the Space sector to help raise the curtain on the industry and create awareness to young people of all backgrounds and abilities and encourage a future within one of the most exciting industries.

Space is for everyone.

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Empowering Tomorrow's Space Leaders

EVONA's Dedication to STEM

At EVONA, we’re enthusiastic about the vast opportunities that space offers. Our aim is to inspire and equip the next generation to get involved in one of the most exciting sectors.

Outreach and Engagement

We generously volunteer our time, collaborating with schools, colleges, and universities to provide a glimpse into the thrilling world of Space.

A Space for Everyone

We champion the belief that space is for all. Regardless of sex, gender, race, or ability, we encourage every aspiring scientist, engineer, developer, and operations expert to see the limitless opportunities awaiting them.

Proactive STEM Initiatives

Our commitment goes beyond words. EVONA consistently leads several STEM activities each quarter, whether in-person or virtually, focusing on nurturing and preparing the young enthusiasts who will be the innovators of the future.

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  • (AD) SPACE

    From $500*

    No minimum subscription
    • Advertise across our high-traffic website ‚Äč
    • LinkedIn Premium Enterprise Ads
    • Reach our +200k followers across channels‚Äč
    • Integrated communication channels ‚Äč
    • Access to every candidate that applies‚Äč
    • A dedicated recruiter ‚Äč
    • Expert candidate selection and curation‚Äč
    • Qualified interview-ready candidates ‚Äč
    • Receive advanced analytics ‚Äč
    *PER MONTH PER ROLE / Free trial available
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  • LITE

    From $1,000*

    RECOMMENDED - Model to drive TA
    • All the features of (AD) SPACE ‚Äč
    • Tap into our +200K talent and LinkedIn Premium Enterprise Ads
    • A dedicated recruiter ‚Äč
    • We will handpick best talent
    • Our specialists will 1:1 screens and qualify candidates
    • Receive advanced analytics ‚Äč
    • A weekly call with our experts
    • Upgrade headhunt search at a reduced fee‚Äč
    • Unlimited headhunting ‚Äč
    • Salary and benefits package guidance ‚Äč
    *PER MONTH PER ROLE / Minimum 5 positions
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    Award winning global search abilities
    • Senior and individual contributor searches ‚Äč
    • Cover global C-Suite and VP searches
    • Tap into prebuilt, existing relationships with the most elite talent
    • Rapid response searches no matter how niche your requirement
    • Work with a specialist consultant who operates within your vertical market
    • Our team provide up to date market intelligence
    • End-to-end recruitment process
    *Prices vary dependent on retainer and complexity of search
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    Best rapid contractor solution
    • Rapid response searches no matter how niche your requirement
    • Swift processes for off payroll, 1099 or C2C candidates‚Äč
    • Candidates aligned with company's vision and values.
    • Perfect for companies seeking candidates for time sensitive projects, periods of transition or interim innovators ready to drive your vision forwards.
    • Ability to place on or off payroll candidates‚Äč
    • Ideal for companies seeking candidates for time-sensitive projects or periods of transition
    *Prices included in a daily or monthly charge rate
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