We’re over recruitment being merely transactional, and aim to be the central hub for meaningful relationship development in the space sector.

You need talented people to Act on your vision

You also know the value of talented teammates—after all, even the most intrepid space captains require a stalwart crew.

The reality is that for many businesses, regardless of size, the process of sourcing, qualifying, and placing inspired and capable employees is an exhausting and time-consuming process.

"Our experience with EVONA has been wonderful and successful. They are highly motivated to find the right fit, even when it takes a long time. They are kind hearted and care about taking the time to fully communicate, both with our company and the candidates. High level of professionalism and compassion all around. Thanks EVONA!"
Allie St. Amand, Head of Community - Capella Space

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You want a steady hand to get your team up to speed

Let’s elevate your expectations. Our agile, experienced team works with companies of all sizes, from bootstrapped startups to established industry players. When you come on board as a client, we dig deep into your company's vision, ethos, and history—only then can we confidently recommend your next team member.

We manifest a range of impactful relationships

There are certain intangible qualities within every candidate, and it's our job to recognize and carefully match these qualities to anticipate your company's needs now and into the future. 

Short term and interim placements: Far more than just “temp workers,” short-term placements are an ideal solution for time-sensitive projects and periods of business transition.

Permanent placements: Our permanent placements aren’t just capable and compatible with your current staff—they are invaluable.

Executive and C-Level placements: Our discreet and tactful recruitment specialists have a knack for identifying and approaching the very best additions to your executive team.

Intern placements: Our short-list of talented student recruits transform into ambitious and pre-qualified interns to help support your company’s growth and development. 

We Built our business with your needs in mind

We’ve designed our business to alleviate stress and provide real, tangible benefits to our client companies. That commitment is reflected in our flexible payment structures, customized on a per-client basis to suit your unique financial situation.