Can I Work in Space in Sales?

Space Needs Salespeople

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  • Does the Space Sector Need Sales Skills?

    Salespeople are an integral aspect of the New Space economy, acting as an essential point of contact for customers, driving business development, and building brand trust. Sales skills are crucial, enabling businesses all over the globe to achieve a return on their investments. From preparing technical and financial proposals to increasing market capture to monitoring the sales landscape, sales skills help drive numerous critical aspects of business operations. With excellent communication skills and top levels of customer service, entrepreneurial sales staff fuel the space sector’s rapid growth.

  • What Does a Sales Role in Space Involve?

    As with any sales role, your working life will be highly varied depending on your level of seniority, specialism, and employer. You might be working on a more strategic basis – coordinating and identifying opportunities for business development and sales quality improvement. Or, you might be liaising directly with business partners to cultivate strong working relationships. Sales roles often involve a number of administrative duties, alongside onboarding new members of the team, running reports, and updating sales tools.

  • What Will I Work on as a Salesperson in Space?

    The projects you might be involved in as a member of a space sales team are diverse. Those working for businesses behind some of the sector’s most cutting-edge technologies will be instrumental in sharing these products and software with investors and the wider world. Salespeople working on the more strategic side of business operations might spend more time planning and spearheading new sales priorities. If your responsibilities lie more with training and onboarding, you may spend most of your time managing and supporting other members of staff. Whatever aspect of space sales you want to be involved in, EVONA is trusted by businesses all over the sector to source talented people just like you.

  • What Sales Jobs are There in Space?

    With a broad spectrum of space products and services dependant on the impact of visionary salespeople, the roles available are vast. Examples of space sales jobs include:

    • Head of revenue and sales
    • Sales agent
    • Space products sales associate
    • Sales operations specialist
    • Sales strategy lead
    • Regional sales manager
    • Sales advisor
    • Enterprise account manager
    • Account executive
    • Sales coordinator
    • Global sales operations director
    • Sales representative
    • Sales consultant
    • Customer relationship manager
    • Senior data sales executive
    • Sales negotiator
    • Account director
Sales Jobs and Opportunities in the Space Sector
Your next career move is waiting for you. Working in sales can be highly rewarding – particularly if you’re selling the most pioneering technologies and services on and off the planet. If you want to get started driving growth in this fast-paced sector, EVONA is here to help you find your perfect opportunity. We know the impact sales staff can have on the future of New Space, and are trusted by a network of exciting businesses to sustainably expand their crew. If you’re commercially minded, great at communicating, and passionate about strategizing for growth, our recruitment consultants are here to find your space.
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