Can I Work in Space in Product Design?

Space Needs Product Designers

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  • Does the Space Sector Need Design Skills?

    It’s easy to assume that only astrophysicists and aerospace engineers can work in space, but creativity and design skills are in high demand too. Space sector businesses contribute to the creation of a range of products for external markets and for use within the sector itself. Whether you’re skilled in application or software design or you’ve previously designed products for manufacture, there’s a role for you in space. Of course, if you can combine innovative design skills with technical acumen and experience using different kinds of software and processes, your application will be even stronger.

  • What Does a Product Designer do in Space?

    Space product designers are responsible for the process of inventing and designing the products required to address specific needs whether within the sector or by external markets. It also involves evaluating products using a systematic approach to improve the way products are created in the future. At heart, the role is about creating consistently successful products that align business goals with user needs. Depending on the business you’re employed by and your level of seniority, you could have a range of responsibilities. You might be engaged in practical design work, software development, using CAD, product testing, or managing a team of designers.

  • What Will I Work on as a Product Designer in the Space Sector?

    Product design roles can be highly varied, and the projects you work on will depend largely on the employer. Product designers in space play a crucial role in the development of the new products and applications needed to drive the sector forwards. They use 2D and 3D illustrative techniques to design products, model and manipulate form for the best possible result, and use formal processes to select the most suitable materials for manufacture. Digital product designers will be involved in crafting satisfying digital experiences for users, aided by an intricate understanding of UX and UI. Product designers might also use CAD software to create detailed technical drawings – the possibilities are endless!

  • What Product Design Jobs are There in Space?

    The product design roles available in space are highly varied. Depending on the business you work for, you could be designing a number of innovative new products for the sector. Though not exhaustive, here are some of the associated roles available:

    • Senior product designer
    • CAD technician
    • Graphic designer
    • Midweight product designer
    • Product design engineer
    • UX/UI designer
    • Materials engineer
    • Digital product designer
    • Product design manager
    • Design thinker
Product Design Jobs and Opportunities in the Space Sector

At EVONA, we wholeheartedly believe that space can be for everyone. If you have a background in product development or another field of design, that doesn’t mean working in space is out of the question. In fact, design skills are in demand, and a total career change might be more feasible than you think. Whatever your skillset and experience level, our recruitment consultants are dedicated to helping people from all backgrounds discover a rewarding opportunity in this exciting sector. Creating a new world requires creatives just like you.

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