Veterans: The Aerospace Industry Needs You

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Male engineer working on planeRecognizing the value of their unique skill sets and attributes, the sector is eager to tap into this talent pool, offering an array of exciting career opportunities for those transitioning from military service.

With a unique and highly sought-after blend of skills and attributes, many of these individuals are already fully equipped for careers in aerospace and space, they just don’t know it yet.



Why Veterans are the Perfect Match for Aerospace



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Ex-military personnel bring invaluable leadership skills, teamwork, and decision-making abilities to the table. These traits are crucial in addressing the complex challenges faced by the aerospace and space industry. Their experience in high-pressure, time-sensitive situations uniquely qualifies them to handle the rigors of this demanding sector.



Digital hand technologyVeterans have already honed their skills working with cutting-edge technologies that directly support military objectives and mission goals. Their innate ability to adapt, think critically, and maintain an agile mindset is especially relevant for roles such as avionics technicians, aircraft mechanics, and systems engineers. This experience allows them to hit the ground running, reducing the need for extensive training and accelerating their integration into the workforce.



F-19 falcon jetMany veterans already have hands-on experience with the same aircraft that leading aerospace organizations own and develop, highlighting the seamless integration of their technical acumen and soft skills. These individuals’ hands-on approach and expertise in diagnostics and manual tasks make them indispensable as aerospace mechanics, a critical role in maintaining vehicles vital to national security. Additionally, their potential experience with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and advanced radar systems would allow them to contribute to the development of innovative aerospace technologies that will shape the industry’s future.



Due to the nature of their work, aerospace organizations are often based in remote environments, such as the Californian desert. With many deployable roles on offer, some staff could find them stationed in a hotel in Germany for one month, then spending the next three in a tent on an airfield in Angola, living off ration packs with limited facilities. Ex-military personnel are well-versed in working on a shift basis and adapting to deployments worldwide. They possess security clearance and have acclimated to challenging and extreme conditions. This adaptability is an essential quality within the aerospace industry.



Transitioning to Aerospace With EVONA

PlanesMaking the leap from military service to the civilian workforce can seem daunting, but the right support makes all the difference. By engaging with a specialist staffing agency, veterans can unlock their potential in the aerospace sector, streamlining the process and achieving their career goals.

With a keen understanding of both veterans’ unique skill sets and the aerospace industry’s requirements, our crew specialize in facilitating successful transitions. They expertly match candidates with roles that align with their experience and aspirations, while providing personalized support to overcome challenges in the civilian job market. Their resources help refine interview skills and translate military experience into a language that captures the attention of potential employers.


Now is the ideal time for veterans to seize the opportunity and utilize their exceptional skills in the aerospace industry. Don’t miss the chance to build a thriving career and contribute meaningfully to a field that values your expertise.

Our crew of aerospace staffing specialists are here to help you navigate the path to a rewarding and fulfilling future. With your military experience as the foundation, you’ll be well-equipped for long-term success in the aerospace sector.

Embrace the challenge and take the first step towards a bright future in an industry that recognizes and appreciates the unique skills and attributes that veterans bring to the table. Start the conversation with us today and take the first step of your next career journey. 

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