The Top 5 Space Themed shows you need to be watching on Netflix.

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The unsolved mystery of space has captured many of our imaginations from a young age with huge Sci-fi franchises like Star wars and Star Trek dominating the screens from 1966. Here at EVONA we know a lot about space and whilst it’s not just about astronauts and aliens, isn’t it nice to pretend for a while until we really do find life on Mars.

From fantasy sci-fi thrillers to documentaries on real life NASA missions, here’s the Top 5 Space themed shows on Netflix you need to be watching right now!

Challenger: The Final Flight

First up we have the gripping docuseries following the disaster of the challenger flight which killed five US astronauts on-board the Space Shuttle after it fell apart 73 seconds after launching. The crew selected for the mission was one of the most diverse crews in NASA’s history, including high school teacher Christa McAuliffe, who was selected to go on-board as the first private citizen in space. Retelling the story of tragedy in 1986,Challenger: The Final Flight highlights the incredible lives of all who died through heart-breaking family interviews and first-hand accounts from NASA decisionmakers.

Lost in Space

Next we have the reimagination of the 1965 series ‘Lost in Space’ based on the classic novel The Swiss Family Robinson. Set in the future, the show sees colonists on earth sent to the planet Alpha Prime to establish a new home for humanity. The Robinson family are selected for the 24th mission and the series follows the adventures the family undergo after their spaceship is veered off-course.

If you can’t get enough of Lost In Space after the first two epic seasons, you’ll be happy to know the final one is coming out in 2021 and is a must see on Netflix.

Space Force

The newest space themed programme in this list , Space Force, stars legendary funny man Steve Carell. With nowhere to go but up, this workplace comedy sees a group of people tasked with creating the sixth branch of the United States Armed Forces, the United States Space Force. After uprooting his family to Colorado General Mark R. Naird(Steve Carell) is put in charge of the mission and works to get the US Space Force back on the moon as quickly as possible.


Away is another 2020 contender on the list, leaving her husband and daughter behind leading lady Emma Green embarks on a three year mission to Mars. Previously a Navy pilot, Emma has been chosen as the commander for the mission however there are technical difficulties early on in the mission. Despite this, the series main focus is to highlights the emotional turmoil of the crew due to leaving their families behind and how they maintain their connection to life on earth. Emma’s own life on earth is shown through flashbacks to happy memories with husband Matt and teenage daughter Alexis.


Set in 2033, a group of six astronauts embark on a journey to be the first people to set foot on Mars. A hybrid between drama and documentary is originally based on the 2015 book How We’ll Live on Mars by Stephen Petranek. Alternating between 2016 and 2033, the narrative through the show is supported by real interviews with to explain events happening as the story unfolds. Produced by the National Geographic the TV Show embraces the reality of a manned mission to Mars happening within our lifetime and  illuminates the incredible research and development in space technology which will enable our first attempt at a mission to Mars.

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