EVONA Is Defying the Space Industry Wage Gap

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Our data has revealed a surprising, yet inspiring fact:

EVONA’s female placements in the space sector are earning more than men in the same roles.

While the space industry is facing a persistent gender pay gap, EVONA is leading the charge in empowering women to not only break into the sector, but to also soar to new heights of success. It’s time to shatter the glass ceiling of the space sector and make way for women to reach for the stars. We’re leading the revolution that’s closing the pay gap and opening up a world of opportunities for women in space.

Despite rapid advancements in technology and exploration, the industry is still grappling with issues of unequal compensation for men and women in the same roles with the same qualifications. The disparity is not unique to entry-level positions, but also exists at higher levels of the industry. It’s a multi-faceted problem with many contributing factors, such as issues of representation and unconscious bias.


The US Space Wage Gap

Unfortunately, the US space wage gap is significantly higher than the wider US average. But fear not, space sector – EVONA is here to lead the way and provide a solution to this persistent problem. Our data showcases EVONA’s commitment to empowering women and providing equal opportunities in the space sector. By placing a focus on merit and skills, EVONA is setting a new standard in the industry and closing the pay gap.


Let’s delve a bit deeper into the specifics. How do the figures look when we split by state?

These states have flipped the wage gap on its head. This data showcases a historic moment in the space sector. The fact that these states are prioritising and valuing the contributions of women in the space sector is a testament to their progressive and inclusive approach to creating a diverse workforce. This is a positive step towards a future where women have equal opportunities to succeed and excel in the space sector, which will lead to a stronger, more innovative and resilient industry for all.

The US space industry is booming. With the sector’s annual revenue currently sitting at $447 billion, and forecast to reach $1 trillion by 2040, there’s never been a better time to join. While the industry has been historically patriarchal, we’re committed to levelling the playing field and illuminating the ever-increasing opportunities for women in space.


We’re not just overachieving for our female candidates. When you compare the average US space sector salary with that of EVONA’s placements, our candidates are earning on average $50,732 more each year.

We’re constantly sharing our expertise for companies to utilise for change. If space organisations follow this advice, they will have the tools they need to build a diverse company that will drive innovation and retain talent.

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