Radian Aerospace appoint EVONA as recruitment partner

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EVONA is delighted to be in partnership with Washington-based Radian Aerospace to deliver multiple roles into 2022 and beyond.

This month announcing closure of $27.5 million in seed funding to pursue development of a single-stage-to-orbit reusable spaceplane, Radian Aerospace (Radian) has turned to EVONA to grow the organisation as they grow.

Considered the ‘Holy Grail’ of space transportation, the start-up, founded in 2016, announced plans this month for a fully reusable spaceplane that can take off and land from a runway – they’ve called it: Radian One (TM). Radian’s vision is to make spaceflight affordable and as routine as airline travel, expanding access to space and unlocking the next generation of missions beneficial to humanity.

“We believe that widespread access to space means limitless opportunities for humankind” Richard Humphrey, CEO and co-founder of Radian

The vision of an airline for the space sector isn’t a new idea. In the early 1990s NASA pursued efforts to deliver a reusable space vehicle before abandoning plans in the early 21st century. Since then, technologies have matured, lessons have been learnt and the market is now well-positioned to respond to the growing requests for more efficient and cost effective launch vehicle solutions.

Radian Aerospace raise $27.5m to develop space plane
This latest seed funding will enable Radian to move into further hardware development and testing phases. The company has also already secured significant launch service agreements with government and commercial partners — the tactical direction of the business currently is to grow staff numbers to deliver on the next crucial phase of company growth.

Radian is fast-approaching 20 employees and plans to scale the organisation significantly in Q2 of 2022. Radian’s team has been impressed with the team members EVONA has already delivered  during Radian’s time in stealth mode and will be continuing the relationship into 2022 with plans to hire many more roles across the company in the next five years.

Katarina Wolcott, Head of Business Optimization at Radian said, “As an EVONA candidate myself I can attest to the professional experience they provided, which seamlessly transitioned to an exciting position.”

Katarina will also have a key role in the continued partnership between the two companies and continued, “Working at Radian is a rare opportunity to contribute to something great. We are happy to continue our partnership with EVONA to find those exceptional individuals who have the experience and the shared vision to accomplish our goals.”

Senior Space Business Partner for EVONA, Matt Atkins, who has been influential in the partnership since last year, said:

“We’re hugely excited by the projects that Radian is taking on and firmly believe that their innovations will make space more accessible than ever before. They’re making the long-standing dreams of space advocates and entrepreneurs come true. With investors indicating that this could trigger a $200 billion growth of the orbital launch industry, there’s never been a more exciting time in the space sector, and particularly for us working with Radian.“

“With investors indicating this could trigger a $200 billion growth in the orbital launch industry, there’s never been a more exciting time in the space sector.” Matt Atkins, Senior Space Business Partner at EVONA

Radian says a standard flight could consist of: a trip to space to complete a mission, return to Earth, refuel and be ready to fly again two days later; something not currently possible with launch vehicles such as the SpaceX Crew Dragon, which can take months to prepare to fly again. Reducing the turnaround time brings down the cost per mission, which will allow more missions to run cost-effectively.

With the increasing commercialisation of space, Radian is well positioned to fill a gap in the market and EVONA is proud to be able to help them achieve this mission and a historical feat.