How Medical Device Professionals Can Power the Space Industry

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In the thriving age of space exploration, unconventional alliances foster unprecedented advancements.

An excellent example of this is the surprising but productive alliance between the medical device sector and the space industry. We’re exploring how proficiency from the medical device field is progressively important and beneficial in the rapidly expanding space sector.


Bridging the Gap: Medical Device Professionals in the Space Industry

Medical device development and space exploration, at first glance, might appear worlds apart. However, they share several significant challenges such as stringent standards for equipment, the need for compact and efficient designs, and the necessity for remote operability. As a result, expertise from the medical device industry is finding growing relevance in the space sector.

The undeniable value of cross-industry collaboration is reflected in examples such as the development of portable ultrasound machines for the International Space Station and the use of LED technology originally designed for plant growth experiments in space to aid wound healing. These cases underline the transformative potential at the intersection of medical devices and space technology.


Medical Device Expertise in the Space Industry: Transferring Technical Skills

Professionals in the medical device industry come with a wealth of technical skills that are highly applicable in the space industry:

Precision Engineering and Safety Assurance

Both the medical device and space sectors place a high premium on the precise design and development of equipment. This precision is critical given the potentially catastrophic consequences of equipment failure in both fields.

Navigating Regulatory Landscapes

Both sectors are governed by stringent regulations. Medical device professionals, already skilled in navigating these complex frameworks, can transfer this ability to the space sector.

Systems Integration and Engineering

In both fields, understanding and integrating complex systems is vital. The ability to conceptualize and implement cohesive systems is a significant asset when transitioning from the medical device sector to the space industry.


Soft Skills: Transferring Interpersonal Expertise to the Space Sector

Soft skills honed in the medical device industry are also invaluable within the space sector:

High-Stakes Problem Solving

Both fields necessitate quick and efficient problem solving, often under substantial pressure. The capacity to handle crises and generate creative solutions to unprecedented challenges is extremely valuable in space missions.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Just as in the medical device field, space projects often require cross-functional communication and collaboration. The ability to coordinate teams and communicate complex concepts clearly is crucial in both sectors.

Embracing Innovation and Adaptability

The fast-paced, ever-evolving nature of both the medical device and space sectors requires professionals to be innovative and adaptable, readily embracing new ideas and technologies.


Transitioning to the Space Industry with EVONA

Recognizing the need for a smoother transition for professionals across industries, EVONA, the leading space industry staffing specialist, plays a critical role. With a strong reputation for connecting exceptional talent with cutting-edge projects in the space sector, we stand as an invaluable partner for medical device professionals seeking to leverage their skills in the space industry.

  • Industry Insight – With deep knowledge of the space industry’s demands and the future landscape, EVONA can guide professionals in highlighting and deploying their transferrable skills most effectively.
  • Personalized Pathways – Every professional’s journey is unique. Our experienced crew crafts personalized transition pathways that take into account individual backgrounds, strengths, and career aspirations.
  • Extensive Network – EVONA’s established relationships with leading organizations in the space industry provide medical device professionals access to a plethora of opportunities.
  • Ongoing Support – Transitioning industries is a substantial step. EVONA’s commitment extends beyond placement, with ongoing support and resources to help professionals thrive in their new roles.


We stand at the brink of an exciting era, where interstellar ambitions are no longer confined to the realm of science fiction.  With ambitious projects like the Lunar Gateway station and Martian colonization in the pipeline, the demand for this combination of skills is set to rise. These endeavours open new doors for career advancement and research opportunities for medical device professionals, inviting them to contribute to humankind’s most ambitious ventures.

If you’re a professional in the medical device industry, consider the wealth of opportunities waiting for you in the space sector. Contact our crew today and be a part of the pioneering wave of cross-industry innovation in space technology.


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