Launching Origin Stories Podcast

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Wednesday 2nd February 2022 is a special day – it’s the day we launch our Origin Stories Podcast exploring the many different careers in the space sector.

Appealing to anyone who wants to start their own career into the space sector, on our podcast we talk to world-class entrepreneurs and space leaders who forged impressive professions in the industry. Through Origin Stories, we hope to inspire and enlighten the next generation of space leaders and remove the perceived barriers that make this industry seem inaccessible to so many.

Hosted alternately by Co-Founders Tom Kelly and Richard Joyce alongside Chloe Jakeways, Principal Technical Recruiter, the team invite you every fortnight into the aspirational world of the space sector and the people within.

Origin Stories Podcast – Available to listen and download on all major platforms.

“Our mission is to demystify the global space sector and inspire the world through the origin stories of the most prominent space leaders, public figures and entrepreneurs in the industry. As a global space talent partner, we have the privilege of seeing first-hand opportunities to help sustain and grow our amazing sector. One of the biggest opportunities we have identified are the transferable skills from other industries, backgrounds and skill sets in to the space sector – we want to spread that message through this podcast”

Richard Joyce, Podcast host and EVONA Co-Founder

The space sector is truly for everyone, though many assume that you have to be a rocket scientist or astronaut to take your place in this inspiring industry. The purpose of Origin Stories is to highlight that qualifications and background don’t preclude you from a role in the industry. This podcast talks to the very people who have taken their passions to the extreme and built the companies and teams achieving what was once science fiction. From farming on Mars to building 3D habitats on the moon and more, we’re fortunate enough to hear about these fantastic companies every day at EVONA and it’s about time we shared some of their inspiring stories and the aspirational people behind them with the general public.

“We want to allow people from all walks of life to listen, be inspired and potentially see themselves in the mirror when they hear the story. Space is more than a sector, it’s a passion that I love. I’m privileged to play my part and I want to inspires to play theirs.”

Tom Kelly, Podcast host and Co-Founder

Released every two weeks from 2nd February 2002, each episode will deepen our understanding of how to get into, and have a successful career in the space sector. Our first three episodes feature Megan Kane, striving to take her place on the red planet; Carol Craig, CEO of Sidus Space and one of the first women to ever take a space company public; and James Pearson, expert PR professional with numerous years’ experience with technology and space corporations.

“This podcast for us is an incredible opportunity to tell the world: Space is for everybody! Whether you are an engineer, software developer, sales executive, project manager, lawyer or anything in-between – Space is for the people!”

Origin Stories is available across all major listening platforms including Apple PodcastsSpotifyAudibleGoogle podcasts and YouTube.

You can also listen to the trailer and every episode on our webpage here >