HERE Technologies & AWS team up for developer-friendly location solutions

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HERE Technologies and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have joined forces to revolutionize the way developers track and manage internet-of-things (IoT) devices.

This collaboration combines the power of HERE‘s location data expertise with AWS‘s cloud computing capabilities, delivering an unparalleled solution for developers worldwide.

HERE Positioning, the location technology at the forefront of this collaboration, is a sophisticated system that relies exclusively on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) to provide accurate and reliable location data for a wide range of devices and applications. This technology is now being integrated with the AWS IoT Core Device Location feature, which enables developers to track and manage IoT devices globally, without the need for GNSS/GPS hardware. This integration results in a powerful solution that provides location awareness and high-accuracy positioning, while also ensuring data security for users.

The collaboration between HERE Technologies and AWS takes advantage of HERE’s extensive global database of more than 200 million Cell-ID and 5.6 billion Wi-Fi access point locations. These are continuously updated and populated through advanced machine learning algorithms, providing a comprehensive understanding of the location of IoT devices.

Moreover, this partnership brings together two leading companies in their respective industries, enabling developers to leverage both companies’ expertise and capabilities to create new and innovative solutions. The combination of HERE’s location data and AWS’s cloud computing services opens up new possibilities for developers to track and manage IoT devices in new and exciting ways, such as enhancing the performance of indoor and outdoor positioning capabilities, creating new location-based services, and even tracking devices in areas where GNSS/GPS is not available.

The partnership between HERE Technologies and Amazon Web Services (AWS) represents a significant step forward for the IoT industry, opening new opportunities for developers and users. This collaboration is set to change the way the IoT industry operates and bring innovative solutions to the market.