The Future of Airborne Mapping: The Galaxy Onboard Solution

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Teledyne Geospatial, a Netherlands-based pinoeer in geospatial technology, has taken the airborne mapping industry to the next level with the release of the Galaxy Onboard solution.

This ground-breaking solution is designed to simplify the process of delivering high-quality processed data in real-time, making airborne mapping more accessible and cost-effective for organizations of all sizes.

The Galaxy Onboard consists of a rugged onboard computer, a state-of-the-art real-time processing engine, and a comprehensive quality control system. This combination streamlines the workflow from data acquisition to data delivery, reducing processing time and eliminating manual errors. With real-time quality control during data acquisition, the Galaxy Onboard ensures the integrity of the data and enables faster turnaround times for projects of all sizes, including wide area programs and engineering-grade applications.

In emergency scenarios, the ability to process 3D data in real-time is critical for recovery, rescue, and restoration efforts. The Galaxy Onboard provides this capability, making the data available while the plane is still in the air. This real-time processing capability is a crucial advantage for organizations involved in life-threatening situations such as hurricanes, storms, power outages, and floods.

Teledyne Geospatial unifies their hardware and software expertise to provide innovative, integrated solutions to their customers. From turnkey systems to lidar and sonar workflows, they offer a range of options that support precision data collection. Their focus on customer satisfaction is evident in the intuitive design of the Galaxy Onboard solution, which provides a seamless and efficient user experience.

In conclusion, the Galaxy Onboard solution is the future of airborne mapping. Its real-time processing, user-friendly design, and exceptional value make it the ideal choice for organizations seeking a reliable and cost-effective solution. With the Galaxy Onboard, Teledyne Geospatial is setting the bar for the airborne mapping industry, making it easier and more accessible for organizations to deliver quality-controlled processed data in real-time.