Evona's Big Pledges 2021

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At EVONA, we want to run our business differently.

From the Geospatial organisations we work with that helped track the COVID pandemic, predict natural disasters, and keep us safe, to propulsion companies that launch those satellites, push the forefront of space exploration and tourism as well as robotic companies that make the once impossible, possible…

We’re constantly inspired by the space sector we work in.

We work alongside inspirational businesses day in and day out; enabling the growth of the space sector through its workforce. Their achievements inspire us to be better, and work harder at trying to make a difference –  not only to the planet that we live on, but the communities we live and work in.

That’s why this year, we’ve decided to put our money where our mouth is, push our bodies to the limit, give back to our community, strive to be environmentally friendly, raise as much money as we can for our chosen charity and make 3 pledges to run our business differently to make a difference.

EVONA’s Pledges

How we’ll be making a difference

As part of these pledges we’ve identified a few key ways we can achieve our objectives:

EVONA pledge to help reduce our carbon emissions and clean up our oceans

Reduce and offset our carbon emissions

The science is now clearer than ever; our world is getting warmer. We all know the reason: the emission of greenhouse gases (the main contributor of which is Carbon Dioxide) creating an atmospheric layer which allows the suns rays to enter but prevents it from escape.  Without real efforts to reduce carbon emission, the globe is not only in danger of irreversible damage, but life will struggle against increased natural disasters, poor crop yields, species extinction, slower economic growth and more. It’s our responsibility to reuse, recycle and reduce. We’re going to commit to:

  • Planting trees in our own grove to help offset carbon emissions
  • Banning disposable coffee cups in the office
  • Going paperless in the office
  • Using energy saving lights to light the office
  • Encouraging our team to ditch the car at least once a week
  • Recycle all relevant waste from the office

Help clean up our oceans

No one in the UK is more than 75 miles away from a beach and as an island nation we have a hefty responsibility to our shores as well as the world’s oceans. The amount of litter found on UK beaches has risen year on year for the last 20 years. 8 million pieces of marine litter enter the seas every single day causing an estimated 1 million sea birds and 100,000 mammals to perish annually from ingestion of entanglement. Avoiding single use plastics and being responsible with our waste will make the difference. We’ll pledge to help clean up our oceans. We’re going to commit to:

  • 100 hours of beach cleaning
  • Consciously reducing our reliance on single use plastics

Announcing Young Minds as our official charity

Mental health is a big issue. Roughly 3 children in every classroom has a diagnosable mental health disorder and as half of all mental health problems manifest by the age of 14, acting fast and giving young people the support they need will make a remarkable difference to the overall mental health of the population. We have the power to help change the stigma surrounding mental health issues, but with less than 1% of NHS budget attributed to children’s and young people’s mental health, more must be done to help.  We’re going to commit to:

  • Raising as much money as we can for this worthy cause and have already signed up as a team to attend Tough Mudder. More on how to support us later!

Help those in poverty

Food poverty and homelessness is on the rise, with charities stating that this is likely to soar in the coming months due to the pandemic. With an estimated 8.4million people in the UK living in food poverty, and one in 200 people in England without a home, campaigners have said without urgent action we’ll soon find ourselves unable to support the people who need it. We’re in the privileged position to be able to help so we commit to:

Use our expertise to benefit the community

We’re experts in our field. What we know, is recruitment. As passionate STEM ambassadors it’s important to us that we lift the curtain on where a STEM career can take you (spoiler – into space and beyond!) We commit to:

  • Dedicate our time to helping serve job-hunters
  • Continue to support STEM initiatives