EVONA Purpose

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‍EVONA is a young, unique, dynamic company leading the way in the global space sector. We work with some of the most innovative companies on the globe (and off it!) in a market estimated to be worth $3 Trillion, but we’re also so much more than that. Behind all of this, we are a team of individuals who are passionate about our jobs and the company we work for. We don’t have the dreaded Sunday night anxiety many recruiters face, and we genuinely look forward to coming to work and contributing towards the rapidly growing space sector.

Apart from the unlimited remote working, zero KPI’s and managing your own working hours, we believe one of the (many) reasons our crew love working here is because we encourage and support them to be able to have any additional ‘purpose’ outside of their everyday recruitment role. Although we love our job and placing brilliant people into amazing companies is at the forefront of what we do, we know giving the option of an additional purpose boosts moral, overall wellbeing and ultimately job satisfaction.

This ‘purpose’ can be anything our team feel passionate about, and we do this because we believe in the evolution of knowledge and in the progression of our people – which is exactly where our name stems from: EVO – to evolve, ONA – people. Here are just a few examples….


Adele Fox – Head of Marketing and Sustainability Advocate  

Adele Fox
‘We work with very inspirational earth observation organisations every day and it’s impossible to ignore what the data is telling us about climate change and deforestation. Last year alone was the worst year on record for deforestation of the Amazon rainforest and we need to play a small part in helping to rectify this issue. As such, EVONA plant 2 trees per employee every single month to offset the carbon we generate. To date we have planted nearly 1000 tress in our global EVONA forest; over 20% of them in the Amazon basin.’


Glen Gill – Space Business Partner and Social Issues Champion  

Glen Gill

‘I like to champion for CSR at EVONA, as I think it is important to create a positive impact in relation to local social and economic issues. EVONA have organised a variety of activities; over Christmas we collected food and clothing for the homeless and later this year we will be running the Bristol Half Marathon to raise money for Young Minds. As well as raising awareness of important issues, the activities we organise bring the team together and give us a group objective, which naturally means we work more collaboratively on a daily basis.’    


Alice Grant – Senior Technical Recruitment Consultant and Content Marketing Executive  

Alice Grant

‘EVONA’s ethos to believe in the evolution in their people was shown to be when they offered me the chance to work a hybrid-role and combine recruitment with my other passion for Content Marketing! I studied English with Writing at University and I really enjoy creating content. I love having the chance to get creative and it allows me to break up my day with different tasks and learn new skills, which I wouldn’t have gained in a sole recruitment role. Lots of recruitment companies promise a lot of things before you join, but EVONA really do stick to their word.’


Emma Jackson – Technical Recruitment Consultant and Stem Volunteer in schools  

Emma Jackson
‘As part of the onboarding with EVONA, every employee becomes an ambassador of STEM Learning UK to be able to connect with young people, inspiring them to become the next generation of STEM professionals. I have personally chosen to get involved with, and been accepted onto the ‘Curious Stories for Curious Children’ reading programme. It is designed to help develop both English language skills and the STEM identity of primary-aged children by reading a story in schools related to your industry. I am SO passionate about getting involved in this programme, because if you don’t know about the opportunities out there for yourself, how can you ever make them a reality?’


Chloe Jakeways – Principal Technical Recruitment Consultant and Podcast host

Chloe Jakeways
‘I do the EVONA Origin podcast because I want to help lift the curtain on the space sector and inspire listeners to follow their passion.  Talking to individuals who have made their mark within the space sector and understanding how their journeys started, their ambitions, achievements and failures and their pathway to success is truly inspiring.  It’s amazing to be involved with something different and I hope it inspires people to follow their dreams, the global space industry is booming and there are so many different career paths, it’s not just for rocket scientist and astronauts, it’s much more accessible than that.’


Jake Heal – Senior Recruitment Consultant – AKA ‘King of Fun’

Jake Heal

‘Socialising as a team is important. It brings us together and gives us a chance to talk about more than just work. I organise a night out every month for the whole team like bowling, clay pigeon shooting, go-karting, or something just as simple as a bite to eat and a few drinks. It keeps the team motivated and ultimately makes EVONA a better place to work”


Sam Lewis and Joe Duff, Recruitment Specialists and Thought Leaders

Joe Duff (Left) and Sam Lewis (Right)

‘Everyone is fascinated by the space sector but when joining EVONA not many people have a deep understanding of the technologies and nuances within it. What better way to upskill our knowledge than from speaking to, and learning from industry experts? I love the space sector and building my knowledge base is key to me improving the service to my clients, candidates and to helping guide those looking to take their first step into the sector.’ (Sam)


When it comes to employee benefits, we don’t have a one size fits all approach. After 6 month’s service, and with the help our Financial Advisor, our crew choose their own benefits. If you join us, you can decide what works for you, your life, and your PURPOSE. Please reach out to find out more.


*If you’re not sure what your purpose is just yet, you can join and work that out along the way. Most of the crew have found their ‘purpose’ after already starting and there is no expectation or pressure to find an additional purpose outside your everyday role, we offer a relaxed culture with full autonomy to work how you work best.*