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How LITE streamlined Airbus US Florida talent acquisition

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Airbus US Florida talent gaps

In the fast-paced world of satellite manufacturing, Airbus US Florida faced talent gaps. With an in-house HR department stretched thin by a recent surge in hiring needs, they turned to EVONA for a specialized solution.

Explore how EVONA’s strategic support and the LITE model provided Airbus US Florida with the firepower needed to enhance their talent pipeline, improve candidate quality, and streamline the recruitment process, leading to substantial savings and a fortified workforce ready to meet the demands of next-phase production.

Airbus US Florida encountered three primary challenges in their recruitment efforts

Scale team

A need for rapid expansion in their team to meet ambitious hiring plans.


Limited time and bandwidth within their HR department to sift through applications and select top candidates.


A desire to improve the quality of candidates and extend their reach in the talent pool.


The average time to place candidates across was approximately 34 days.
  • Production Quality Engineer I (x2)

  • Senior Production Quality Engineer

  • Program Industrial Manager

  • Production Controller

  • Production Mechanical Engineer (2nd shift)

  • Electrical Engineer (2nd shift)


We addressed these challenges through comprehensive support that enhanced Airbus US Florida recruitment strategy:

  • Our network: Leveraged EVONA’s extensive network, of over 200K professionals, to increase qualified talent entering their pipelines.
  • Our LITE model: LITE as a solution to increase manpower, addressing the immediate need for quality and time-efficient recruitment.
  • Bandwidth: Added bandwidth to their internal teams by handpicking the best applications and ensuring they met role requirements.

LITE’s impact


Supported next-phase production ramp-up by ensuring a sharp increase in hiring was met with qualified, culturally aligned candidates.

The quality factor

Successfully filled 8 positions within a 4-month partnership, showcasing LITE’s efficiency and effectiveness in meeting their urgent recruitment needs.

The time factor

Reduced the average time to hire to 36 days for key positions, significantly below industry standards and expectations.

The cost factor

Reduced the need for external support, saving about 10 hours per role and increasing Airbus US Florida team self-sufficiency.

Streamline your recruitment and finding the right talent

Are you ready to secure key talent swiftly and efficiently?

With EVONA LITE, starting from just $1,000 per month per role, you can revolutionize your recruitment process.  

Our team of experts meticulously hand-picks and screens the best applicants, ensuring you receive only qualified, interview-ready candidates. Plus, with the option to opt-in for our tailored model, your recruitment journey can be co-branded and customized to meet your specific needs. Contact us to explore how LITE can transform your talent acquisition strategy. 

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