Coping with the Stress of Changing Jobs

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Coping With the Stress of Changing Jobs

Whether you are thinking about moving jobs or currently in the process of doing so, you’ll probably be hoping it’ll be one of the best changes you decide to make within your life but that doesn’t mean the process can’t be stressful.

Are you feeling…

You are NOT alone.

Whilst the Holmes Rahe stress scale places a career change in the top 20 most stressful things you can do in your life, we know that the pressures of moving jobs can be very similar. That being said, it shouldn’t put you off making that move and it may be helpful to know that 9% of our workforce decide to do so every year.

In fact moving jobs has multiple amazing benefits:

  • Incredible growth potential both personally and financially
  • New challenges and opportunities which are proven to keep you motivated and engaged at work
  • Learning new skills and broadening your current skill sets which strengthens your CV for the future

With all these potential benefits it can be hard to understand why moving jobs is so stressful but there is a real reason for feeling this common emotion when making the move. Fear of the unknown and uncertainty are two of the main culprits for experiencing job-moving stress. We are creatures of habit and routine and disrupting this through big life changes can be hard but there are plenty of ways to make it as stress-free as possible and allow yourself to enjoy the challenge and experience of moving jobs. It’s important to remember that as one door closes another one opens!

Ways to alleviate job changing stress

Have a Routine at Home

Tasked with job applications, interviews, moving, paperwork, and all the additional things that come with moving jobs, it can become overwhelming. Putting a solid routine in place for your personal life to get chores done, do some exercise, take time out, chat with family and friends and sleep is essential to help feeling like you don’t have too much extra pressure on your shoulders.

Not only does it make daily tasks manageable it also takes a great deal of unpredictability and uncertainty out of your life and can provide comfort when feeling stressed. Don’t worry you do not have to get up at 6 am to go to the gym every day (unless that’s what you want to do), be realistic and kind to yourself. You can either jot it down on paper, add it into a calendar on your phone or stick a whiteboard on the fridge – whatever you find works for you.

Reflect on Past Successes

What if I don’t get the job? What if I don’t fit in? What if I don’t like the job?

We are all guilty of overthinking especially when we are feeling stressed, and whilst it can be difficult to stop asking ourselves these questions, doing the opposite can be very helpful. Rather than trying to predict the future, take some time to reflect on when you’ve done some of these things successfully in the past – aced that interview, had a great first week at work, or received that you’ve got the job call. Just remember if you’ve managed to get through the things that are currently causing you stress before you can certainly do it again.

Be realistic

Wouldn’t we all love to say that finding, moving, and starting a new job happens overnight but it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months from start to finish. Be realistic about this timeframe, if you are using a recruitment company like EVONA you can chat to us about the timeframe and how long the process will roughly take. However, if you are going it alone, it’s important to remember much of the process is out of your hands and relies on other individuals and companies’ schedules.


‍Talk to Someone

A problem shared is a problem halved…or that’s what mum’s say anyway, and we agree!

If you are feeling stressed talk to someone, whether it be a loved one, friend, family, or even a professional. This could be about what is causing the stress and how to tackle it or just small talk to take your mind of things, both are great. When it comes to changing jobs, most of us have done it before, so having a chat about your current situation with someone may give you a few options of things to do and ways they have coped with this type of stress before.


Use a Recruiter

Using a recruitment company is a fantastic way to relieve some of the pressure associated with changing jobs – the best part is they are completely free for you to use. Filled with immense amounts of knowledge about specific sectors and the recruitment process, who wouldn’t want an expert on hand throughout the entire process?

Not only will you receive support, feedback, and regular communications but access to the most exclusive jobs that may not be advertised anywhere else. Whilst all recruitment companies are not the same, at EVONA we will get to know you first, understand your skills and what you are looking for, and from that we will only put you forward for jobs that are right for you. A good recruiter will ensure they are providing the best candidates for each job, which includes preparing you for the job placement process, from applying to accepting an offer.

Recruiters can take a great deal of unknown and uncertainty out of the equation which helps reduce the stress associated with changing jobs.

Any questions, we’re happy to chat with you and help with any worries or queries you have about applying for a job using EVONA!