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In addition to EVONA’s award-winning Permanent hiring solutions, we now offer Contract and Interim placements to our clients.

Any skillset. Anytime. Anywhere.


Hiring skilled, agile contractors is often the go-to solution for companies that need specific talent to start as soon as possible or react fast to changing market conditions. EVONA’s contract solution will deliver the skills without the fuss – Any skillset. Anytime. Anywhere.

Here’s 7 ways that working with contractors can benefit your organisation.

7 Benefits of Contract Hiring

Millions of people choose a career in contracting, preferring the flexibility and diversity of working with multiple organisations for short to long term periods of time. This often creates a very well-rounded desirable candidate who has worked through various processes and systems enhancing their skillset and offering to an employer.

You might require specialist skills for a specific project where permanent solutions just aren’t cost effective or have proved difficult to find.


EVONA can deliver a contract solution in a fraction of the time it takes to onboard, interview and hire a permanent member of staff. Our standard turn around for contract, from need identified to placement is just 6 days in an industry where a permanent solution can take up to 7 weeks.



Specific projects may require an interim solution where a permanent hire wouldn’t be logical. You might be in a period of accelerated growth, organisational change or just require cover for temporary situations like parental leave. A contractor would provide you with the flexibility to scale up or down accordingly, without the need to introduce hiring inconsistencies and flux into the organisation.


Best practise and benchmarking benefits

Working with individuals that have worked at multiple organisations enables you to benchmark yourselves against the wider industries in terms of best practise. Contractors gain a considerable amount of industry tacit knowledge; knowledge that is difficult to transcribe, is transferred through social or mentoring interaction and rooted in experience and context. Having multiple levels of tacit knowledge from various organisations is a unique benefit of contract staff.


Agile to market change

It’s a fact of any company that sudden personnel departures can happen that leave the organisation bereft of skill. Turning to a contract solution can mean that hole is plugged immediately, in a compliant way, without the need to hire or onboard. Contract workers can help companies adapt fast to changes like these so time isn’t lost and project objectives can still be achieved.


Diversity and inclusion
EVONA is a global recruiter, having access to the world’s skilled workforce. We can deliver a contractor that can help introduce greater diversity which is the root of improved innovation. The quality and diversity of talent available is an asset to any organisation, but is often very difficult to source, especially on a global scale.


EVONA’s Compliant, Global Contract and Interim Staffing Solution

Trialling change

Sometimes it is difficult to envisage what skills might be needed in the workplace or if hiring in a skillset will provide the benefits needed. A benefit of hiring contractors is that it allows you to ‘test the water’ before committing to a permanent worker. If you are impressed by the quality of work that the contractor has provided, then there is also the possibility of offering them a permanent role having not taken the initial risk hiring permanently.


If you’d like further information on engaging a skilled contractor, then just reach out to our VP of Contract, Ben Carrigan via Β email, Β LinkedIn or phone on the above number.