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Finding the right talent is our speciality, but don’t take our word for it. Browse through our testimonials for examples of the confidence our candidates, contractors and clients place in us for their career progression and recruitment needs.

Evona Testimonials

“Overall, fantastic. So quick, quality candidates, valuable feedback.” Thomas Ferrer, Executive Assistant to CEO – Masten Space Systems

“We partnered with EVONA to help build our team after being awarded with our largest contract to date – to build a lunar lander that will and on the Moon in December 2022 – part of NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) program. EVONA would send pre-screened, qualified candidates who met our preliminary requirements. They were always quick to respond and tweak their searches based on our feedback.”Recruiter – Masten Space Systems

“I was sceptical at first to try a new agency because I had tried some new ones that were a waste of time. I was pleasantly surprised by EVONA. They have delivered top quality candidates to us and helped us fill many hard to fill speciality roles. They are very communicative and responsive as well. While I find it to be a little strange they are in the UK doing US recruiting, I am glad they are because they have helped us find some great talent! We love working with EVONA. Thanks for being great!” – Jessica Maddin, Human Resource Generalist – Honeybee Robotics

Jessica Maddin testimonial for Evona

“Best in class recruitment experience using Evona as a supplier. They have been proactively prepared throughout our process rather than passive reaction you get from other firms in this industry. Always upfront, honest, and go well above and beyond with all requests and projects. Professional yet humanized approach to recruitment and onboarding and aftercare has been second to none. Keep up the good work.” – Global data and analytics partner

“Very good. It was a pleasure to work with EVONA. What really impressed us is the quality of candidates, both in terms of technical prowess and cultural fit that were presented to us. The hires we did with EVONA have become integral members of the management, product and technical teams at Mobius Labs.”Appu Shaji, CEO and Chief Scientist – Mobius Labs

Working with recruiters can be a total crapshoot. They can be pushy, money-first minded, and hard to get a hold of when you really need them. EVONA has been the exact opposite! Kat and Ryan are some of the most lovely folks to work with and our experience with them has been wonderful and successful. They are highly motivated to find the right fit, even when it takes a long time. They are kind-hearted and care about taking the time to fully communicate, both with our company and the candidates. High level of professionalism and compassion all around. Thanks EVONA!” Allie St. Amand, Head of Community – Capella Space

“EVONA Worked extremely hard to hammer out an agreement that accommodated York’s budget — suggested flexible & innovative pricing schemes that provided maximum flexibility to York leadership. They used a really impressive group of recruiters to fully canvas all of York’s 18+ hiring needs; demonstrated speed, efficiency, and quality – combined with impeccable organization skills. York was so impressed with EVONA’s responsiveness and quality of support that we happily committed to an agreement that established Evona as York’s exclusive recruiting agency, indefinitely. Exceptionally professional, thorough, well-organized, and impressive. Every recruiter at EVONA has been an absolute joy to work with.” –Director – York Space Systems

Allie St. Amand Testimonial for Evona

EVONA has a real knack for sourcing top talent for work in the space industry. Certainly, far more than most, they understand the companies and idiosyncrasies of the industry. That’s their niche. But more importantly, they are attentive to our unique skill and experience requirements with a honed ability to really zero in on only the right candidates. They don’t waste our time with piles of resumes or candidates. Despite being an ocean away, EVONA behaves as though they are the 24×7 sourcing shop next door. Their neon light is always on, day or night. I have found myself learning to trust EVONA with the future of our team, which has a huge impact on the future of our business.” –COO – Kythera & RKF Engineering

“As a small company experiencing rapid growth in the space industry, Astrobotic has had a need to quickly fill positions that require specialized experience and skill sets. From a recruiting standpoint, we are at a disadvantage to some of our competitors, because we are located in an atypical city for the industry and we are unable to offer compensation packages on par with larger companies. We have looked to recruiting agencies to assist our effort when we’re struggling to find qualified candidates in our direct applicant pool.

Among the agencies we’ve partnered with, EVONA has outperformed in several respects. First, their recruiters pay close attention to our requirements and feedback, and so are more likely to refer candidates that meet our specific needs. Second, they advocate strongly for our company and have helped to win candidates who were hesitant to make a career change. And third, their service fees are bespoke unlike most agencies, which makes us inclined to partner with them before others. Quality, results, and value are an attractive combination in a recruiting agency.

Beyond those practical considerations, we have found the team at EVONA to be a pleasure to work with. Tom and Ryan have been friendly and prompt in their communication; they have been understanding of our business needs and challenges; and they have leveraged their team effectively to assist us. We will no doubt continue to look to them for support in the future.”Head of Recruitment – Astrobotic

“EVONA quickly developed a deep understanding for the challenges of our business. We were amazed by their ability to convert that knowledge into a strong recruiting funnel that repeatably produces very high quality candidates. The first hire we did with EVONA has already become an invaluable member of our team here at BLIQ.”Co-Founder – BLIQ

“EVONA took time to understand our business needs and worked hard to ensure a good fit of candidates. Good communications throughout the process and follow up.”Chief Engineer – LEO Constellation Company

“EVONA has excelled in doing the hard work for us in the recruiting process. It would usually take us months to work through applications to job postings, and Evona provides a concise list of better-quality candidates in weeks or less, and with personalized briefings on each one. It’s great to have EVONA on our side in this competitive labour market.” CEO – Helios

“EVONA’s strength lies in identifying suitable candidates which match both the technical need but also the ethos of the company. This reduces the amount of interviews and leads to hires which directly feel comfortable within the team and working environment.”Lift Me Off

“The best so far!”

I highly recommend EVONA .Their team is very detailed in finding the most qualified and experienced candidates that we are wanting to employ. Evona’s communication during the process is second to none. They are very professional and work with you throughout the hiring process.”HR – Vaya Space