Announcing our Partnership with Space Talent

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EVONA are pleased to announce our partnership with Space Talent, the online portal for careers in the space industry and its broader ecosystem.

A subsidiary of Space Capital – the early-stage venture capital firm focused on the Space economy – Space Talent aims to help address the current surge in demand for space employees with the help of specialist space recruitment and headhunting firm, EVONA.

The Space Sector is estimated to be worth $3 trillion by 2040.

‍This growth will rely on attracting individuals with transferable skills from outside the sector, nurturing the talent within and demystifying the sector to appeal to the future space workforce of tomorrow. Platforms like Space Talent along with partners like EVONA have the objective to work together to connect these dots and facilitate the sustainable fast-paced growth of the sector.

“The current pace of innovation and incoming investor interest indicates that the space economy will be one of the fastest-growing sectors over the next decade, which will require an increasingly diverse workforce to unlock the value of these space technology stacks.”  – Chad Anderson, managing partner of Space Capital.

Announcing the launch of the platform yesterday, Space Capital introduced Space Talent as a career hub matching credible employers with top talent while providing insights into an ecosystem with an ever-expanding range of opportunities. Key features of the platform include: Job Board; Job-Seeker Resources; Start-Up Tools including access to funding to help entrepreneurs build their own ideas and ‘Open Pitch’ helping founders experiment, build, and finance new businesses by providing resources and the opportunity to receive up to $1.5M in funding from Space Capital and its affiliates.

Speaking about the partnership with EVONA, Justus Kilian, Principal at Space Capital, Founder at Space Talent said:

“EVONA has been an incredibly valuable partner in our own recruiting needs as well as supporting numerous companies through Space Talent. They’ve demonstrated the ability to find great talent at all layers of the space technology stack and fill a wide variety of business and technical roles.”  

Tom Kelly Co-Founder of EVONA added:

“With the ever increasing need for high quality candidates to fuel growth of the sector, more and more companies are turning to the likes of EVONA to fill hard-to-recruit-for positions. We’ve been working with Space Talent since 2019 and are delighted to be announced as their formal recruitment partner to help support their mission and assist space corporations of all sizes find the talented workforce they need, quickly and efficiently.”

As STEM ambassadors with strong connections to universities and colleges, EVONA have recently started a webinar series entitled Space Spectra aimed at students and professionals looking to take their next step into the sector. The Space Talent platform supports this effort with details of internships and other opportunities for students and recent graduates.

For more details on Space Spectra, visit our Space Spectra homepage here >

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