EVONA Pledges in Action - Making a difference

Pledges timeline

January 2021

EVONA announce our pledges to use 2021 to #MakeADifference

Our Office is Paper-Free

EVONA have committed to maintaining a paper free office and this initiative has been in place since moving to our new office in October. Going paper free was really important too us for many reasons; the environment, the current Covid-19 situation, employee accessibility and digitising the company.

So far, the effort from our team has been fantastic and our paper usage is now next to none! If you’re wondering how we’ve managed to achieve this over the past year – these are some of the things we have introduced to make this possible


Documents are created as PDF’s

Everything is signed digitally

We use a cloud to store and share documents

Moved to online accounting software – meaning no paper payslips

Hot desking policy only means each space needs to be kept tidy, so it encourages only having a laptop and no extra mess

Employees use email calendars

Companywide no printing policy

Paper coffee cups have been banned and staff have been provided with a reusable EVONA coffee cup (pictured above) which can be taken to local coffee shops

No paper CV’s any applicants must submit these online

Company intranet to share company news/data/information rather than handouts and lengthy handbooks

February 2021

We announce our official charity as YoungMinds

Mental health is a big issue. Roughly 3 children in every classroom has a diagnosable mental health disorder and as half of all mental health problems manifest by the age of 14, acting fast and giving young people the support they need will make a remarkable difference to the overall mental health of the population. We have the power to help change the stigma surrounding mental health issues, but with less than 1% of NHS budget attributed to children’s and young people’s mental health, more must be done to help.

How can you help?


March 2021

This month EVONA have focussed on what we can do to help our local community.

As proud Bristolians, we love the city we live in but we know that lockdown measures and furlough schemes have hit our community hard, so we set about trying to make a difference. We spoke to our local food bank in Bristol, Family Food 4 Free (FF4F), to see what we could do to help and the response was that they were desperate for Easter Eggs.

Challenge accepted...

Family Food 4 Free logo
Family Food 4 Free are a registered food bank supporting Bristol and surrounding areas since March 2020

Throughout both lockdowns FF4F, lead by Aimee and Daniel Waters, have served the local community with emergency food parcels, freshly made meals and charitable donations.

Knowing they wanted to bring a little extra joy to the people of Bristol and surrounding area with chocolate egg-shaped happiness, the EVONA crew initially set ourselves a target to donate 300 Easter eggs, agreeing we would each add a few to our weekly shop or donate cash so we could coordinate discounts to buy in bulk.

We raised over £250 between us and purchased 346 Easter Eggs and 150 Creme Eggs! Which is enough if you put them end-to-end to stretch the length of a full-sized football pitch or the width of the International Space Station. It was so much, that FF4F had to come and pick them up in a van!

Head of Marketing, Adele Fox hands over the Easter Eggs to Daniel Waters of Family Food 4 Free
Aimee from FF4F said "Massive thank you for your Easter donations, we are now able to help local families, elderly, hostels support services and even young youth groups."
Family food 4 Free an boot loaded with Easter eggs!
EVONA donated 346 Easter Eggs and 150 Creme Eggs

The team did an amazing job coming together to make this happen. Well done, crew!

April 2021

As Earth day takes place in April we knew how important it was to action the commitments we have make to the environment in our pledges this month...

Tree-Nation are a reforestation initiative tackling climate change

The serious of the climate crisis is continuously escalating but as we grow, we are becoming more aware of our own impact on the environment. EVONA are continuously looking for ways to incorporate greener strategies into our business and that’s why this year we have pledged to reduce our carbon footprint.

In true EVONA style we not only set out to reduce our carbon footprint, but we wanted to achieve net-zero… completely carbon neutral

This month with the help of Tree-Nation, a fantastic reforestation initiative aiming to stop climate change by planting trees.

We have now begun growing the EVONA forest - planting 2 trees per employee per month.


You may have also noticed this little icon below on our website, not only have Tree-Nation helped us offset our internal carbon emissions but that of our website too (who would have guessed that in reading this article you are helping offset carbon on our website)

Carbon neutral website tag