EVONA Joins the SmallSat Alliance

We’re proud to announce that EVONA is the latest member of the SmallSat Alliance.

Advocating for increased use of SmallSat technologies, the Alliance unites crucial names across the next generation space economy.

‘SmallSat’ refers to satellites with a small mass, typically the size of a large kitchen fridge. Keep in mind that the International Space Station has a mass of 420,000kg – in comparison, these new technologies are miniscule.

While space infrastructure may seem to be getting larger and more complex, these technologies are blowing the sector wide open. They provide increased opportunities for space exploration, all the while reducing costs.

Small satellites allow us to:

• Make space more accessible

• Reduce the cost of new space missions

• Reduce manufacturing costs

• Enable mass production

• Combine low launch costs with high performance

• Propel industry innovation

• Form large, powerful satellite constellations

• Provide exciting new opportunities for the global workforce and economy

The Small Sat Alliance’s mission is to unify companies developing, producing and operating across all segments of this exciting sector. Through networking, events and conferences, Alliance members are connected with customers, partners and suppliers. Already making individual waves across the sector, these vital institutions are empowered to build connections to drive this ever-evolving industry.

We’re delighted to be collaborating with these like-minded organisations. EVONA will play an integral role in building and facilitating a network of support to drive the small satellite industry. We will continue to service and connect across the sector as we advance the next generation of satellite technology.

“The space sector is seeing unprecedented growth and EVONA have a pivotal role to play in delivering on sector objectives. We know the challenge facing space companies as they scale and are delighted to join the SmallSat Alliance who have always been magnet for the most innovative and successful satellite makers, operators, component suppliers, launch and data analytics providers." Jack Madley, Co-Founder.

In this exciting move, we’re looking forward to aligning our ethos with the SmallSat Alliance’s as we shape the space sector through inspiration and collaboration.